DIY Pedicure ritual

Sandal season is upon us and self-care calls for giving our feet a little extra love. Going out for a pedicure is a delicious little luxury, but it’s just as satisfying to treat your toes when you have a ritual this simple, soothing and surprisingly effective. The ladies behind CAP Beauty shared their personal pedicure ritual with us. Dedicate a couple of minutes each night to going through the steps below, and step into your fave kicks feeling confident…

Scrub, polish, soak and shine. It’s time to put your best foot forward. Take a few minutes to take care of your overworked feet. One of our favorite activities at the end of a long, hot day is a quick-and-cooling scrub and soak in a basin or tub. This post-work ritual cools you down and maintains pretty feet for the sandal season at hand. Don’t overcomplicate this. A quick wash and some daily love goes a long way. Your feet will thank you.

What you’ll need: A tub or deep sink, a scrub or pumice stone, an optional nail brush, moisturizer and socks or slippers.

Duration: 3 to 5 minutes

Perform: Once daily

How to do it: Wash your feet under vigorously running cool water. We like to sit on the edge of the tub for this. Choose a scrub – we like Earth tu Face Salt Scrub or Murula Muti Mud Mineral by African Botanics – or pumice to exfoliate your feet, focusing on the most calloused areas. You can also use a small brush to clean the toenails. Rinse well, dry off and moisturize. Throw on socks or slipper

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