Creating an authentic space means clearing out the clutter. Kondo mania has us getting rid of mountains of stuff, but what do we do with everything that still sparks joy?

These smart tips come from the new book aptly named The LONNY Home by the editors of one of our favorite home design inspirations, Lonny Magazine. The ladies at Lonny have worked with some of the best stylists and designers around. Here are their tips for creating order out of chaos and displaying the things you use most often in a way that’ll lift your spirits every time you walk through the front door…

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How To Create Beautiful + Functional Storage Solutions

Storage is a pain point for pretty much everybody. If you have it, it can be hard to figure out how to use it well, and if you live in cramped quarters, it can mean ugly solutions that feel slapdash. We want to help you create easy-to-use storage solutions that scale — functional ideas that can be applied to your starter apartment or your first family home and then grow with you.

GO WITH OPEN SHELVING | Open shelving is not for the faint of heart. It takes time and careful consideration, not to mention planning. Start by figuring out what pieces you really need, which things look good together and how best to group them. When arranging, keep purely decorative or rarely used objects on higher shelves so everyday items stay in reach. A color-harmonized collection of containers and vessels allows you to incorporate different textures and shapes for a dynamic display.

CONCEAL + CORRAL | In the kitchen, there are a multitude of chic options for hiding away all your less-than-chic necessities. Take a page out of Wiebke Liu’s book and decant your pantry staples into lidded jars and containers for easy access — and to avoid a hot mess of labels. Or lean into the label look, displaying pantry goods with the prettiest of packaging. Likewise, you can make a display of handsome kitchen tools with a caddy (and never get them stuck in a drawer again).

DISPLAY IT AS ART| Another option, especially if you have sentimental pieces, is to make artful displays. Try a shadowbox for porcelain or glassware, with room for a few framed illustrations or little paintings. Baskets can be art as well as storage, and the right hook — say, one made of gorgeous brass — can turn a hanging linen dish towel into a work of art. Antique silverware, hand-carved wooden spoons and other unique utensils can all be elevated with an eye for the most pleasing arrangements.

PUT UP AN ORG SYSTEM | A wall-mounted organization system keeps your most-used tools within reach. Function, not form, is your real concern here; try storing pieces vertically on a customizable pegboard display or install overhead racks for pots and pans. There are molded plastic options as well that can create a different vibe, while wall-mounted office caddies work wonders in places outside the home office. There are many price-point options for this kind of storage — plus, it’s easy to DIY.

The above has been excerpted from The Lonny Home: Discovering and Cultivating your Most Authentic Space (authored by Sean Santiago and the Editors from Lonny Magazine), published by Weldon Owen.

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