A Dirty Mouth: Why Oil Pulling Is More Important Than You Think

Continuing our important series with wellness expert Elissa Goodman, we’re talking all about a topic we’ve never touched on so specifically before: mouth bacteria (gross, right?). We’re shocked to hear how closely oral health is related to some very important health issues. Just read the quote from Dr. Joseph Mercola below.

“Studies unequivocally show that bacterial imbalances and dysbiosis in your mouth can contribute to inflammation in your body and activate cancer genes.”Goodman is shedding some light on this very important topic and recommending six valuable action steps we think you’ll find illuminating. Read them through and then, like we’ve done, share this article with just about everyone you know…

Your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. A toxic mouth taxes your immune system and causes inflammation, keeping your body from producing healthy cells, creating an environment ripe for breeding cancerous tumors. It is imperative that your immune system work at its max just to counteract the toxicity in the air, water and food supply. By using the solutions below, you can clear the harmful bacteria from your mouth so your body can focus on keeping you cancer and disease free.

6 Healing Solutions To Beat Mouth Bacteria

Try Oil Pulling...

…by swishing 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil in your mouth for 15 minutes daily. This ancient Ayurvedic technique is extremely effective in reducing bacteria in your mouth.

Soak your toothbrush…

…in hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes at least once per week. Don’t store it in a covered container because it needs to thoroughly dry. Replace it at least every 3-4 months.

Floss Daily...

…to keep bacteria away from your gums and teeth. Tartar builds up much easier around the gumline and this buildup can lead to severe inflammation. Flossing literally takes less than one minute a day and can greatly reduce health risks.

Get Your Fillings Checked...

…by consulting with a biological dentist on whether your fillings are toxic. Mercury fillings should be replaced with composite or porcelain.

Think Twice...

…before opting for a root canal. 97% of terminal cancer patients previously had a root canal procedure (Dr. Mercola 2/1812). During a root canal, there is no way to sterilize your tooth; after the root canal, dangerous bacteria hide out in the tooth and are unreachable with antibiotics. There is no other medical practice that permits leaving a dead body part inside your body, because it triggers your immune system to attack. Check out a resourceful book called Root Canal Cover-Up by George Meinig DDS FACD.

Don’t Be So Quick...

…to pull out your wisdom teeth. The dentist often fails to remove all of the connective tissue from the socket. This is what leads to cavitations. Cavitations are bony holes almost always (4,999 out of a measured 5,000) left after extraction of wisdom teeth. The sockets rarely heal and become lined with pathogenic anaerobic bacteria.

This story first ran in 2015, but it’s so good we thought it deserved a spot on our homepage again. 

Read our entire series about cancer, wellness and detox with Elissa Goodman. Start here and watch this space! Find additional information on a biological dentist in your area by visiting IABDM or IAOMT

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