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L.A. is having a moment and it’s not about to pass anytime soon. With all the hype about balanced living and fashion’s turn toward all things wellness, this city has received a fresh wave of attention for our green juice-swilling, superfood-packing ways – and we love it!

Some of that attention is coming straight from New York, as so many NYC staples we love launch West Coast counterparts. The team behind The Smile, the eatery serving whole foods and homey vibes on Bond Street in New York, today opens a di Alba in DTLA. The Arts District restaurant offers a cozy foccacia (yes there’s a gluten-free option!), grain and green salad driven menu in a space filled with citrus trees and lined with a laid-back to-go counter.

Like most of our favorite new spots in the city, di Alba feels like it’s been tucked away on East 3rd Street for years. And we’re pretty sure the neighborhood will take right to it. Here are three incredibly simple, health and affordable items that’ll be on the new menu that have us convinced:

Classic rustic foccacia with rosemary, sage, smoked salt – gluten free ($3)
Beets and avocado salad with little gem lettuce, orange roasted beets, avocado, mint, hazelnuts and sherry vinaigrette ($6)
Black quinoa with pomegranate, pink lady apple, cucumber, herbs, chives, citrus ($6)

Want to make a day of it? Shop the well-curated Poketo, savor bowls at Orsa & Winston, explore the area with these two, and, not open to the public, but nice to know it’s there – The Giving Key headquarters as seen here. 

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