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How can we not obsess over Mimi Kirk? Mimi is a raw foodie who glows with vibrant clarity. She’s pushing eighty, living well and an inspiration to all of us.

We were looking back at our interview with Mimi from 2012(!) and discovered this gem of a beauty tip that we cannot resist. Mimi owes her incredible skin to daily green juice, bathing, an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies and this simple skincare routine below. We’ve rediscovered this gem and are totally intrigued. Bath gloves for the face? Sounds divine, if a little rough. And black soap for this level of ageless appeal? It makes sense when you realize this holistic cleanser also exfoliates and deeply moisturizes with shea butter that promises not to clog pores.

Here’s the interview question that sparked our ‘new year, new routine’ level of interest and has us questioning our bathroom full of product. What do you think – would you try Mimi’s routine? Stay tuned for more as we cover Mimi’s recently released raw eating guide Raw-Vitalize later this month…

TCM: What are your top 3 bath and beauty products?
MK: My Exfoliating Bath Gloves are a must for me. I use them dry on my face and body then wet them and put Dr. Woods Black Liquid Soap on the gloves to wash my face and Dr. Woods Liquid Almond Soap with Shea Butter for my body.

See Mimi’s full interview here and get inspired! 

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  1. I have to say that i am a bit disappointed in your advertisement for “21 items i want to add to my wardrobe this fall”.
    It appears that all of the models are of an extremely thin nature. We are bombarded with this body type day in and day out. I was under the impression that your site was of a more broad nature. Lets celebrate health in a more diverse manner shall we. Just saying!

    nicole | 01.31.2017 | Reply
  2. Well said Nicole (: applause applause !!!

    Debbie | 02.10.2017 | Reply
  3. The unmatchable beauty of the Aryan woman!

    Brent Stone | 04.13.2018 | Reply
  4. Great article and I will probably try her routine; however, I have to say that a lot of how young or old someone looks is due to genetics.

  5. Actually, only a few genetic traits are immutable (for example, eye color). Most other genes, though, are greatly affected, positively or negatively, by your lifestyle (most especially by your dietary lifestyle). Yes, it’s true that your genetics still will play a part, but the fact is that Mimi Kirk would NOT look as young as she does if she were to adhere to the “S.A.D.” (Standard American Diet)… that’s true no matter what her make-up and workout routines might be. That said, shea butter does help, too (as long as it’s not accompanied by any toxic ingredients in the lotion, of course). But shea butter on the skin without the kind of dietary lifestyle she follows wouldn’t alone make her look that young. She maybe still would look younger than someone else with not as fortunate genes, but she wouldn’t look nearly *as* young as she does because of her dietary lifestyle. What we feed our cells on a consistent basis matters a *lot*.

    LAURIE | 06.26.2020 | Reply

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