Detox Diary: Nichelle Hines Of Cycle House LA

Trying to detox? You’re not alone! We know plenty of people who are getting back to their roots with juice cleansing and we thought we’d share their stories here to give you a little support and inspiration to get healthy! First up, Nichelle Hines, from Cycle House LA, who recently tried her first 3-day cleanse.

Day 1

It’s 5:02 pm and I am in full swing of my first day of my three day cleanse. Let me first say, I have NEVER – I repeat NEVER – done a cleanse or any kind of fasting and I walk into this flat-out terrified. I love food. I work out hard. I don’t know how long I can go; I don’t know if I can do this. But I am feeling good. I started at 9am with Greens 2 and it was good! I was fine! Then I had Detox 3 grapefruit mint two hours later – delish! I love grapefruit!  Then I hit a wall. A little panic set in and I nearly swerved into the fast food restaurant I was driving past. Instead, I pulled over and took a breath, regained my composure and soldiered on. I took my lightheaded self home and drank my Roots 1 and again felt great! I have to say that I believe that this will be a fun and exciting challenge. As someone who has worked out nearly every day for the last eight years, a challenge like this is invigorating me in a whole new way. I will attack it like I do a workout – with intensity and determination. But this may bring me to my knees. In the meantime, on to Detox 1 and to teach my 7:30 House Ride at Cycle House. Let’s just say, they’re gonna feel some toxins exiting their bodies, too! #liveloveride

Day 2
It’s 9:48 pm and I am coming to the close of Day 2. In the past 24 hours I have taught two cycling classes and it was rough. I went a little too hard in my morning class today and saw a few spots. But I pulled myself together, took it down a notch and pulled back. By the end of my morning class, I felt great! I drank my juice and was feeling okay. Then I decided to go by the Pressed Juicery on Santa Monica because I thought I maybe wanted to buy another juice as I liked the flavor better than the one I was supposed to have. The lovely Cody told me that it was cool and I was welcome to get it, but gently reminded me that with the other juices, I needed the Cayenne pepper in the one I didn’t want to promote digestive health while on the cleanse. He is right. I walked out empty-handed, determined to stay the course. The pep talk he gave really had me ready to solider on! Then I got home and got hungry. Really hungry. Visions of a BLT were running through my head. I haven’t had a BLT in years, but that is what my mind conjured up. I grabbed my Roots 1 and drank slowly, all the while thinking, “This too shall pass.” And it did. As I settle in with my Almond Milk (which is delicious!), I am grateful to have made it successfully through another day. And as I look forward to my final day, I have to say I’m feeling pretty good. For now. 😉

Day 3

So this is it! Finally finishing up the cleanse! Today was not as easy as everyone said it would be. They said I’d power through easily! Not so. While there were much fewer cravings, they were very intense. But I also was feeling high – happy, clear and good! I have to say that I feel very emotional, but good. This cleanse has been amazing for me. I feel a real sense of accomplishment. I really didn’t think I could do it, as I have never done anything like it in my life, but I’m so glad I did. It really did make me think hard about what I put into my body and how it affects more than just my waistline. I thought literally about what it does and how it affects me and the choices I make everyday, what food does to my mood and my overall health, as well as my body. I believe it’s taken me to a point of consciousness and reminded me how important positive choices are. I hope it’s made me better. I think it has…

Next time I’m doing 5 days!

Maybe… 😉


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