Mastin Kipp
Hello, Chalkboard Mag & Pressed Juicery folks!
I’m so grateful to Carly for asking me to be guest editor for Chalkboard. I am a big believer that transformation is possible and have spent most of my life in the pursuit of creative freedom both for myself and others. There are three major factors when it comes to transformation: the way you feel, the plan you have and the story you tell about what’s possible for you in your life. All of these are important when it comes to making a change.
However, the most important of these is the way that you feel. The health of your body is a key part of transformation. If you are doing all the work but aren’t taking care of your body, you are not stacking the cards in your favor. Having a thriving life and a thriving body is the cornerstone of changing your life. This is why I was so excited to be Chalkboard’s February guest editor – these guys get it. I’m looking forward to sharing blogs with you this month that will help you change your life. If you follow the principles that Chalkboard stands for and work on your inner heath, your life will never be the same again!