7 Ways To Deal With The Sunday Scaries

Got a case of the ‘Sunday Scaries’? It might be time for an intervention. We’re not quite sure when complaining about Mondays, turned into a full blown case of pre-Monday morning anxiety, but even during the pandemic, we hear about if often.

Here are a few smart suggestions to reclaim the last night of the weekend — a night that could be the best of the week if you plan it right!

Set yourself up for success (on Friday!)  If preparing for the week on Sundays feels too overwhelming, take a few extra steps to prepare for the coming week on Friday. Just a few minutes at the end of the workday could super-charge your Monday morning and leave your Sunday nights free for more downtime. End Fridays by preparing a to-do list, reviewing your calendar, or simply ding a little preliminary thinking to make sure you’re wrapping your week up right.

Create a new ritual. If you find your mind reeling with all that needs doing on Monday morning, create a distraction and more intentional space for yourself on Sunday afternoon or evening. It can be small or big, but a new ritual can help ground your new commitment to a more peaceful Sunday evening. Options? A CBD latte, warm bath, thirty-minute period of reading, a good Sunday night soundtrack, a face mask or hair mask, fresh sheets or a weekly call with a loved one all qualify.

Set an intention. If you really struggle with Sunday nights, set an intention and decide to make it the best night of the week — for the next six weeks. With a little determination and planning, you may be able to interrupt your subconscious habits and retrain your brain to love Sunday nights. Try saving your best meal of the week for Sunday night. Schedule a weekly delivery to arrive and be opened. Schedule a weekly call with a best friend — go as far as letting them know your intention so they can support.

Teach your team. Whether your team is a house full of kids or a few best friends you regularly talk with on the weekend, decide to drop ‘Sunday Scaries’ from your conversations. Create a gratitude ritual with your family before dinner or decide to trade gratitude list texts with a good friends every Sunday.

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Look your concerns square in the eye. It’s possible your anxiety is just a bad habit, but maybe the Sunday Scaries are bringing up a real issue that need addressing. Do you have a toxic relationship with a boss or co-worker? Are you avoiding a work or organizational issue that needs addressing? Be honest with yourself and scan your Sunday night emotions for any tensions you may be avoiding. Perhaps putting a new tool in place or investing one Sunday night in a little research would alleviate the Scaries for months to come.

Engage in Breathwork. Here’s the thing about breathwork — it’s so simple, that it’s easy to overlook. But anyone whose tried a professional-level breathwork class can tell you that a full session is completely transformative. Learn to melt your nerves and strengthen your body to better deal with stress. A simple practice on a Sunday night could help you to become more resilient throughout the workweek. Try It Yourself


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