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Alexis Smart, bonafide fairy and creator of Alexis Smart Flower Remedies works with flower essences and homeopathy to address deep layers of physical and emotional imbalance. A personal session with Alexis encapsulates everything wellness-seeking women are looking for when they come to LA — and possibly everything a skeptic might assume goes down in our woo-woo neck of the woods.

For a deep dive on her transformative work and what flower remedies are all about read our story here.

Alexis also focuses her work along the lines of beauty. How we feel on the inside is often directly expressed through our skin — our largest organ and our body’s best communicator. We asked Alexis how she usually sees emotional issues being expressed through common skin and beauty issues. Here’s what she told us, as well as how to solve them from the inside out…

Years ago when I started treating people with flower essences one-on-one, I noticed when they returned after a month of treatment for a follow-up, they looked different. Their eyes were brighter, skin was more clear and toned, and they had a new vibrancy and charisma. I was prescribing flower remedies for my clients and their emotional conditions, but I witnessed a wonderful side effect: As people became happier, unblocked and unburdened emotionally, it was reflected in their faces and they looked much younger and more beautiful.

Over the years, after seeing so many people, I became very good at reading a person’s emotional state by looking at the color and condition of their skin, the facial expression, where the wrinkles manifested and the expression in the eyes.

I became intrigued by the potential flower remedies held for beautifying. What if we could achieve similar results as botox and fillers with the use of flower remedies? It made perfect sense. Our mothers always warned us, don’t make that face or it will stick like that. Well, it’s true. Repeated facial expressions (which are the result of our inner emotional state) will eventually become the face we show to the world.

For example, the emotion of resentment (one of the biggest causes of premature aging) causes a downturned mouth. Stress and tension can cause wrinkles in the face (11 lines) and excess cortisol (weight around the middle). Inner shame can manifest as acne and rashes.

To have a smooth face, which glows with joy and exuberance, we can’t fake it. We must treat the spirit first and the face will follow, reflecting the inner harmony we feel.  

Because I grew up in Los Angeles and was a model from age 15, I was exposed to the beauty business and saw the destructive effect it had on self-esteem. My own self criticism and body shame, I learned, was shared by almost every woman I knew.

I’ve left that career behind, but I still see women daily who hate their bodies, feel unattractive and will never reach the physical perfection they seek. These clients inspired me to create Beauty Formula No. 8,  which some have called floral botox (for 30s and up) and Beauty Formula No. 7 (ages pre teen-30s). I want to offer women (and men) the tools to heal this deep wound of shame — it prevents us from feeling beautiful — and to assist healing the underlying emotional issues that may cause premature aging, acne and a lack of confidence.

Here are a few common beauty issues and their emotional correlates…

Dry and wrinkled skin: long-term emotional stress and grief

Red angry skin, skin/rashes: suppressed emotions, usually anger. The skin is the largest organ of elimination. When we hold anger in, it looks for anywhere to outwardly express itself.

Acne: shame and self hatred, secretive, fear of being seen

Deep 11 lines between the eyebrows: tension, workaholism, inner passion unexpressed, frustration when you don’t get what you want

Nasolabial folds/Marionette lines: resentment and bitterness from longterm tolerance of intolerable situation or feeling victimized

Weight gain around the middle: long term fear/panic and stress

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