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Not everyone is ready to be a houseplant parent. Having plants around helps us get back in touch with our slower, more natural side — an essential contrast to our tech culture — but keeping them alive is a whole other story.

Fortunately for many of us, you don’t need a green thumb to decorate with moss — and we definitely recommend that you do.

There’s something about seeing small bundles of emerald fuzz that brings us so much joy. According to color therapy theory, the color green is soothing, and signifies health, harmony and balance. Infusing your environment with a little more green can improve your sense of well-being — doing it with low-key plants like moss makes it stress-free.

If you’re ambitious, build a full-on moss garden a la Martha Stewart. Otherwise, build the one plant water installation of your laziest dreams.

From a season-less preserved wreath to a set of mossy balls that will look absolutely stunning in a vintage wood bowl, these are a few of our favorite ways to decorate with moss…

Build a MOSS WALL | Buy one or make your own. If you’ve got a spare Sunday and are feeling inspired, try a moss wall DIY — we love these tips from Vogue. If you’re like the rest of us, all it takes is a quick search on the interwebs to find an artist who will do the heavy lifting for you. Etsy is a great place to start for gorgeous moss wall art on every scale. Hit the link to the right to explore a few favorites like the one above! CHECK OUT

Preserved Moss Balls | These preserves moss balls look like the living ones below but require absolutely zero work. They look perfectly forest-chic thrown into a vintage wood bowl and set in the middle of your dining room table. CHECK OUT

Mixed Moss Wreath | Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. This gorgeous green loop of moss looks amazing during any season. We love the variety of different mosses — like a little fairy dreamland. Imagine the spark of joy you’d feel coming home and seeing this on your front door. CHECK OUT

SUSTAINABLE HARVESTED LIVE MOSS BALLS  | Marimo moss balls were originally found in freshwater lakes of Japan, Iceland and parts of Europe. Named by a Japanese biologist, Marimo translates to “ball seaweed.” They are very easy to care for, thrive in low filtered light and do not need food or fertilizers.  CHECK OUT

Preserved Reindeer Moss | Reindeer moss is an important food source for raindeer — and a pretty decor item for us. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party and need low-maintenance decor, or you’re just looking to bring a little life to your living room, all you need is a pretty glass jar and a handful of preserved moss and you’re set. This moss can also be used to cover the tops of planters to give your other green babies a lush, foresty look. CHECK OUT

Minimalist Moss Aquarium | This little aquatic moss pet is perfect for your desk. Marimo balls are actually filamentous green algae that grow in ball form, not actually moss although it looks the same. They’re amazingly easy to take care of, requiring just a little light, some fresh water and that’s it. Replace filtered water every two weeks and keep in low light out of direct sun. CHECK OUT
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