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The difference between a cold and a ‘knock you out for a week’ immunity disaster has everything to do with how we handle those first few signs. It can be tempting to simply press on when we’re not feeling well, but when we take a beat and give our bodies a break — and maybe a few immunity-boosting supplements — we may be able to cut that cold off before it gets serious.

We’re endlessly impressed by how knowledgeable our TCM community is. We asked our readers on Instagram to tell us about what they do when they first start feeling a cold coming on and the responses range from simple and effective to holistic and hardcore. Whatever your wellness vibe is, we’re sharing plenty of options to boost immunity ASAP.

Drink bone broth 🙌🏻
Take oil of oregano, make a tonic of ginger, turmeric, raw honey, lemon and cinnamon.
Chew on raw garlic.
Take oregano, frankincense, lemon and turmeric essential oils in a veggie cap and swallow!
ACV + hot water🍵 + lemon🍋 + honey🍯!
Take a long nap, pop a Vitamin C and cod liver oil pill and lots of water!
Freshly crushed garlic with raw honey 💪

Vitamin c + zinc !

Drink a turmeric goldyn milk! 😋✨

Lots of green juices with turmeric, ginger, lemon and honey. I also take tons of colloidal silver and colostrum to boost my immune system. A hot bath with essential oils and sea salt. Cold and flu tinctures. I mean… I can go on on on.
Oil of oregano + zinc nips it right in the bud, haven’t had a cold fully manifest since I started using these miracle cures!

Increase the elderberry syrup!

Take a packet of Lypospheric vitamin C gel when I wake and drink an immunity soup made with lots of veggies, ginger, garlic, red pepper and cilantro! 👊🏼💥

Take zinc (30 mg); lots of water; extra sleep; sweat it out – exercise!; mind over matter!
Pre-sauna, activated charcoal supplements, post-sauna shower and high-quality glutathione supplements. Lots of rest and more glutathione.
Water water water and even you think you’ve had enough drink 2 more glasses. Hydration is key.
40,000 IU’s of vitamin D x 3 days. Has worked every time.

Zinc lozenges after a meal…nasal irrigation… a shot of whiskey with hot water and honey!

Light up an oil diffuser with few drops of eucalyptus oil 😇✨

Celery juice and no dairy or eggs! ☺️

Fire cider shots. Echinacea. Thyme water. Astralagus. Vitamin D. Zinc. Selenium. Vitamin C. Garlic. Tumeric. Oil of oregano. Elderberry. Holy Basil Tea. Medicinal mushrooms. Mountain tea. Sauna. Eucalyptus and lavender essential oils on the bottom of feet.
Echinacea works really really good for me. Activated charcoal, lots of ginger, turmeric, electrolytes and if I can take MMS then I get better faster. And of course lots of vitamin C.

Hot water with cayenne pepper, lemon, apple cider vinegar, honey. Two times a day.

Facial reflexology!

Ginger and turmeric shots, lots of chamomile tea and no dairy!

8 hours sleep, bone broth with ginger and garlic, and warm water with lemon slices.

Drink Jamu!

Doterra’s On Guard essential oil on the bottom of my feet!

‘Tis the season for sniffles, and we plan on doing all the things to stay well — and to save our sick days for something better. What secret wellness hacks help you when you feel a cold coming on? Share in the comments!
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