Unless you’re super anti-banana, making vegan ice cream like this one with frozen banana and little else is the ultimate summer wellness dupe. Holistic health coach, Neda Varbanova recently whipped up this vegan ice cream recipe to share with us using blended coconut from Pressed Juicery – uber hydrating, but also filling thanks to all that fiber and fat. Get the gloriously simple and refreshing recipe below…

Summer is the ideal time for ice cream and this recipe isn’t loaded with sugar or dairy. It can be enjoyed without feeling bloated or guilty for having a second scoop. Bananas are a great source of potassium and magnesium, which are essential for heart health. Coconut meat is rich in fiber and cinnamon has been shown to reduce blood-sugar levels. You can eat your ice cream and get your nutrients in at the same time!

Simple Banana Coconut Ice Cream
Serves 8


4 frozen bananas
2 dates
1/2 cup coconut cinnamon by Pressed Juicery
pinch of salt

Optional topping:
maple syrup


Blend all ingredients in food processor and enjoy!

Ice cream can be frozen for a few hours, if you prefer it colder.

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