Sophie Jaffe yoga poses to cool down during the summer

All yoga is hot yoga this time of year. We asked master of the mat, Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie, to share her fave poses for cooling off. Strike a pose by the pool — or by the AC — all it takes is a few minutes to feel calm, centered and strong. And less hot, of course…

Trying to beat the summer heat? While it may seem counterintuitive to get on your yoga mat, you can actually cool down your body with asanas that will both help restore and rejuvenate your body–especially when the temperature is rising outside!

To begin… breathe deeply in through your nose and fill up your belly, and then exhale through your nose. This deep breathing slows your heart rate so you can enter these 5 relaxing poses and start to cool your system.

Sophie Jaffe

Tadasana | Also known as Mountain Pose, Tadasana keeps your body and mind in harmony and also minimizes depression! Stand hip width apart on your mat, with your arms out at your sides and palms facing forward. Remember to connect to your breath.

Sophie Jaffe

Cobra Pose | While laying face down on your mat, gently lift the upper part of your body with your arms until they are almost straight, while keeping your lower half still on the mat. Hold for 10 breaths. Release and come down, allowing your chin to meet the floor. This beautiful asana opens up your lungs, heart, and chest, while also boosting blood circulation, reducing fatigue, and heightening your mood!

Sophie Jaffe

Tree Pose |Tree pose strengthens our roots (legs) and has a delicious grounding and cooling effect. To start, stand facing the front of the room. With your palms facing forward, place your right leg on the inside of your lower calf or upper inner thigh. Breathing deeply, raise your arms up to the sky, or at your heart’s center. Stay in it for 5 breaths and repeat on other side.

Sophie Jaffe

Butterfly Pose | Any type of forward fold helps to release any built-up tension and stress. Butterfly further opens you up, by stretching your upper inner thighs, where we tend to hold much of our energy. From a seated position, bend your knees and place the bottoms of your feet together, so they’re touching. Start to slowly extend your heart towards your toes. Hands can be at prayer or at the sides of your feet. Hold for 10-15 breaths to truly reap the rewards of this opening pose.

Sophie Jaffe

Savasana | Enter the final state of your cool down with the oh-so-yummy savasana! This pose works wonders for our brains and calms any anxious thoughts, while also giving us space to rest and cool down. To move into this simple, but beautiful pose, lie flat on your mat, with your back to the floor and face up to the sky. Rest your palms facing upwards so that they receive renewing energy.

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