NOT SURE IF you’ve heard *wink* but charcoal is kind of a big deal these days. Naturally detoxifying and powerfully purifying, it’s showing up in everything from juice to sponges to salve. With so many companies proudly adding this ingredient to products (we’re kind of hooked on Pressed Juicery’s charcoal lemonade), choosing the best of the bunch can be a challenge – especially when it comes to beauty.

The three coal-powered products below are ones we’ve found and fallen for, not just because they’re all-natural, but because they work amazingly well for even the most sensitive or problem-prone skin types. Beautycounter’s new multi-tasking mask is an instant sensation, this category-defying deodorant is actually a “detox,” and it doesn’t get more luxurious than this crushed pearl soap a few pros we know rely on. We’ve got you covered from head to toe – find something you love and feel free to empty your bathroom cabinets now…

Beautycounter’s Purifying Charcoal Mask | Meet you pores’ new best friend. This charcoal clay mask gives a deep clean to congested skin, leaving it brighter, smoother and more elastic. It also absorbs excess oil without being overly drying, making it a great option for breakout-prone faces.


Kaia Naturals’s Takesumi Detox Bamboo Charcoal Deodorant | What good is deodorant if it’s only there to cover up a smell (or kill it with chemicals)? This natural bamboo charcoal deodorant uses it’s detoxing powers to kill bacteria and clear out toxins lurking in sweat glands for a naturally ‘cleaner’ sweat. It also has no harsh chemicals or scary metal ingredients that could get sucked back into systems.



Pearl Plus’s Detoxing Soap | Crushed pearl, white clay and activated charcoal work together to cleanse and exfoliate skin without moisture-stripping ingredients or jagged little pieces that could irritate it. This all-natural, vegan soap can be used all over and won’t leave behind any residue – just clean, silky, glowy skin.


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