Acai to Adriana lima, we have yet to be disappointed by an export from Brazil. The newest addition to our list of likes? Market Ipanema in NYC. With two other locations in Brazil, this tiny chain serves up healthified, modernized Brazilian cuisine made with locally sourced, organic ingredients.

Eater editor, Kat Odell, went to check out their “healthy but conscience gastronomy” and reported back with very brightly colored photos and (equally) glowing reviews on her fave dishes. Here’s what you need to try and why…

What I Ate: Market Ipanema’s beet-stained cassava crepe, filled with banana jam and coconut flakes.

Why I Ate It: Market Ipanema, a Brazilian cafe and micro retail shop in Nolita, sells a healthy assortment of Rio staples like acai bowls, coconut yogurt and pão de queijo, the ubiquitous Brazilian cheese puff made from gluten-free, grain-free manioc flour – what we in the U.S. know as cassava, or tapioca. Also fashioned from manioc flour are an assortment of Brazilian “crepes,” loaded with a bevy of sweet and savory fillings, from avocado, tomato and cashew cream to apples with cinnamon.

Why You Need It: If you’re keen on the chewy texture of mochi, then you’ll dig these crepes. In Brazil, this breakfast staple is found at almost every cafe, prized as a healthy option devoid of gluten and grain. While cassava crepes are traditionally white, at Market Ipanema owner Beatriz Lobato adds fresh beet juice for a colorful twist.

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