Celery Juice Cocktail recipe

Surely, this is not what the Medical Medium intended when he told us to drink celery juice every day for better health, but who are we to complain about a celery juice cocktail that looks and tastes this good?

This summer, we’re all about this clean cocktail recipe from the barmaster at one of our favorite summer destinations, the Four Seasons Punta Mitta in Mexico. While it won’t help you detox like a daily glass of pure celery juice, it will protect you from filling up with sugary artificial cocktail mixers. You can easily leave out the liquor and have a killer mocktail instead.

mexico When we drink we want to keep it as clean as possible. This green juice-inspired libation features wholesome ingredients like spinach, cucumber and pineapple, plus just the right amount of tequila to ease you into that perfect pool day state of mind.

Celery Juice Cocktail
Serves 1


2 oz Tequila San Matías Cristalino
1 oz Cointereau
1 oz celery juice
1⁄4 cup spinach
1⁄2 pineapple slice
2 cucumber slices
1 small celery stick
1⁄2 oz lime juice
1⁄2 oz agave syrup


Muddle all the solid ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add the liquid ingredients. Add ice and shake vigorously. Double strain and serve over ice on a high ball glass.

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  1. Celery, for anyone with IBS or issues with FODMAPS is a horrific thing, even a few inches of the stuff, will cause bloating to pregnancy levels. Celery is also FULL of nasty chemicals, though organic is better. Please research trends.

    elisa | 07.01.2019 | Reply

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