Frequent Traveler tips for home

Learning how to manage life on the go is one thing, but learning how to manage home life while away is truly an advanced life skill, especially for the frequent traveler.

Who will water the plants? How can you be sure the pets are doing well? While packing and planning, consider scooping up a few of these smart — and safe — hacks for keeping your life in order once you return home, whether you’re a frequent traveler or just headed out on a long vacation…

For Your Plants…

garden watering bulbA Garden Watering Bulb | This sculptural glass bulb slowly releases water into the soil of potted plants which is perfect for preventing dry-out while you’re out of town. Allowing for a slow, consistent release, the bulb will keep soil moist for up to two weeks meaning you won’t come home to dead or drooping leaves. CHECK OUT
plant nanny for Frequent TravelerPlant Nanny Wine Bottle Stake Set | These little terra cotta stakes are designed so an empty wine bottle (or any long neck glass bottle) can sit inside and dish out a supply of water to your plants. It can be used outdoors or in that big leafy tree you managed to squeeze into your living room. CHECK OUT

For Your Pets…

pet cam for Frequent TravelerPet cube | Access a live stream of your pet’s activity from anywhere – across the street or across the pond. Just sync with the app for a little extra peace of mind. Bonus feature: this camera dispenses treats on command or comes with a laser pointer option.  CHECK OUT

For Your Security…

smart light for Frequent Traveler
Sengled Smart LED Bulb | We love loading up on smart or sunlight responsive lightbulbs that will turn on and off to make it look like someone’s home. Replace just a few key lamps with these bulbs to keep your home safer while you’re away. | CHECK OUT
ring doorbellRing Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell | Install this smart doorbell and answer your own door from anywhere on earth. Using the Ring app, you you can always answer the door, see who’s on your step and make people think you’re home. | CHECK OUT
ring alarm sensorRing Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor | We love this wifi-connected leak detector that can be installed under a sink, in the bathroom or garage. It’s especially useful if you worry about leaks, and even more handy for quelling winter frozen pipe fears.  CHECK OUT
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