We’re counting down the days til our Night of Green Beauty shopping event in New York next week! Our luxury skin care and makeup-packed event will be hosted at the one-and-only James Corbett Studios on Wednesday, a favorite with celebrities and Fashion Week attendees alike. We cozied down into the chair of James himself for a little hair help and beauty talk pre-event. One thing we love most about James is his sincere enthusiasm about helping people feel gorgeous! It’s in that spirit that James launched Hair2Help, an organization whose sole purpose is to provide holistic spa days for women who are undergoing cancer care. A portion a Night of Green Beauty’s sales will be going to Hair2Help – a cause so near and dear to many of the brands present.

We asked James to fill us in on a few of his insider style secrets and insights on beauty for fall! Here’s James on great color, natural style and being true to yourself!

what you love about NYC during fashion week: Fashion, hair, make-up, beauty – all coming together to work at creating trends. We are all connected.

how to find the perfect cut: Come to James Corbett Studio! The perfect cut is taking into consideration your hair texture, your ability and willingness to style your hair and your face shape. Then finding someone you can connect with who is talented and who understands you and your needs.

favorite thing to hear from someone in your chair: A client once told me “I make happy happen”. I love it when someone feels better about themselves because of a service they have received in my salon or that they have had miracle results with a product I recommended.

pet peeve in the chair: When I see people with such low self esteem that look at the magazines and celebrities and don’t understand why they do not look like them. It is amazing to me how many women to this day do not understand the air brushing, extensions, lighting, make up and styling go into looking natural. In most cases I am a believer in ‘less is more’.

what you excel at: Taking the time to truly understand what a client needs whether it be color, cut or product.

fave spa treatment: An acupuncture facial with my dear friend Anne de Mamiel (see her at Night of Green Beauty!)

best shampoo: …is the one that works best for you.

miracle working hair product: Hair color! Where would we be without it?! For those hard core organic people out there I am also a big fan of using essential oils as conditioning treatments.

first aha moment with hair: It was years ago when I was watching Elaine from Seinfeld on a nice n’ easy commercial. I wanted to be blonde and I wanted to stop traffic. I used a golden shade to lighten my dirty blonde hair. It turned out I was stopping traffic with orange hair – not the look I was trying to achieve. I wanted to know why this happened so I learned about complimentary colors and the color wheel, went to beauty school and became a color expert.

look of the moment (fall 2013): This is a question that always comes up and it never really has one answer. Look for high tech to start making it’s way into high fashion and beauty. Google glasses will be on the runway models at Diane VonFurstenberg!

I imagine that people will be stepping out of their comfort zones more. More faux hawks, more color, bolder, brighter colors…. look at Helen Mirren dying her hair pink! Women of all ages are experimenting more.

Fave Green innovations: We are seeing advancements in green beauty as green products become more and more effective. Beauty technicians used to complain that “green products” did not work well and this is definitely no longer the case. We have a more ground to cover in the world of green styling products, but events like these are helping to grow awareness and build the market!

current mantra: Ghandi said “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Join us September 4th as we celebrate our favorite green beauty brands with a Night of Green Beauty at the James Corbett Studio in NYC. For those of you on the Left Coast (and everywhere else!), stay tuned for our all-brand NOGB Beauty Blowout – a giveaway as huge as it sounds!

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