What beats a a homemade valentine? A homemade valentine on a floral inspiration board. We made this lovable little Valentine’s DIY with help from florist Sophie Ballmer of Sibyl Sophia Floral Design and spent the whole day swooning over it. The project is fun and foolproof, easy to customize any way you like and brings together all of our favorite Valentine’s Day staples: vintage-feeling cards, flowers, washi tape, stickers and other kitchy February elements.

Think of this inspo board as a bouquet with a bit more utility. We love the idea of families creating a board like this to display homemade valentines on while crafting away a winter weekend morning. Make this Valentines DIY as a personalized gift for your sweetheart, or as a crafty excuse to gather the girlfriends and raid the farmers market flower stands. Stock up on chalk, washi tape, florals in the color story of your choice (we used punchy shades of roses, ranunculus, and bougainvillea), and a mix of store-bought and homemade cards (ours are from Sugar Paper). Any romantic relics or loving notes will do as well. Break out the Polaroid camera for bonus points.

DIY Floral Chalkboard


a small framed chalkboard
oasis floral mesh (copper or gold)
tacks (copper or gold)
flowers + greenery: spray roses, sweet pea, wax flower, bougainvillea, spirea, kumquat, jasmine vine
rope (optional for hanging)
floral water tubes (optional)


Cut several 6” by 6” pieces of mesh, leaving the wires long on one end.

Tack one piece of the mesh onto the chalkboard frame on either side of the upper left corner. Once securely tacked on, roll the mesh into a tube shape and secure it by bending the wire ends into the center of the roll.

Thread flowers and greenery into the mesh, weaving them in to create a secure hold. Continue until you feel your design is complete.

Hang your chalkboard and decorate with children’s art, Valentine’s Day cards, stickers – you name it!

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