NYC Bite Of The Month: Drinking All The Things At Cafe Integral

You had us at coffee. But add cashew-pumpkin seed milk and turmeric tonics to the mix and you’ve got us for life. Kat Odell is introducing us to yet another NYC gem (get ’em all here) and we’re ready to book a flight just to pop into this Nolita coffee shop.

Between Integral’s modern design aesthetic and incredible looking organic bites we’re ready to join Kat and drink all the things at this caffeinated hotspot…

What I drank: Cafe Integral’s new line of pastel-hued beverages.

Why I drank it: Because I am always looking for delicious (and healthy!) ways to refuel on caffeine. Nolita’s new Cafe Integral, the first standalone coffee bar from Cesar Martin Vega (he operates two prior outposts in nearby American Two Shot clothing store/gallery, and Chicago’s Freehand hotel), is focused on serving coffees brewed with beans exclusively sourced from Nicaragua.

Why you need it:  I am hugely keen on Vega’s tiger nut coffee horchata, in addition to his turmeric tonic which involves spices like cardamom and black pepper. What’s especially great about this place is that alt-dairy milks are made in house, like the almond milk (almonds, cashews, coconut, dates), and the cashew-pepita milk (cashew, pumpkin seeds, dates). Try these in one of the house matcha drinks, such as the El Matcha Mas Matcha, which involves a hit of both the green tea powder, along with spirulina, cashew-pepita-coconut milk, and a bit of auyrvedic herbal jam chyawnprash.

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