Many beauty brands sell skin care products that claim to stand in solidarity with patients of various diseases, but how many of those same brands create formulas that actually serve and support those patients? We like to keep things positive here at the Chalkboard and that’s why we love to simply shine the spotlight on folks like Britta Aragon of CV Skinlabs! Brands who are creating just the kind of pure, innovative and effective products that those with sensitive or ‘compromised’ skin can truly rely on.

Britta came upon the idea of CV Skinlabs after supporting her own father during his struggle with cancer. Not able to find skincare that would nourish and treat ‘compromised skin’ as Britta calls it, she assembled a team of holistic chemists and the like to help her create CV. Each product is based on the Tri-Rescue Complex – basically, turmeric, chamomile and reishi mushrooms – three powerful superfoods for skin that soothe, heal, strengthen and fight inflammation.

For the full dose of wellness wisdom from Britta’s own healing journey, check out her book When Cancer Hits to equip yourself or someone you love with everything Britta “wished she’d known” during her own battle with cancer. In the meantime, peruse Britta’s fantastic list of useful, fun and all-natural tips for living well and living beautifully! Here’s Britta…

Green Goddess Guide: Britta Aragon of CV Skinlabs

Obsession of the moment:

Pure Facial Moisture – Balancing from Suki Organics. It has calendula, jojoba, grape seed oil, and other natural ingredients that help balance natural skin oils and reduce acne outbreaks. My skin has never looked better.

Can’t travel without...

My CV Skinlabs Rescue + Relief Spray! It’s soothing, hydrating and refreshing – the perfect refresher for long airplane rides. It also works great in a pinch for sunburn or insect bites.

In a pinch I…

Reach for my Bach Flower Remedy – my favorite is the original Rescue Remedy. Whenever I’m really busy and finding it difficult to carve out moments for stillness, I spray it twice on my tongue. It provides instant stress relief, like yoga in a bottle. 

Always in my evening clutch:

Mineral Fusion lip gloss in Dazzle.

Beautifying snack/meal:

Get Gorgeous Herbal Tea from The Republic of Tea and Navita Naturals Chia Food Power Snack

Beautifying drink:

I love Dr. Frank Lipman’s Sustain shakes, made from pea protein. I mix them with organic frozen strawberries, a handful of raw spinach, ice, a pinch of raw cacao powder and almond milk. They’re super nutritious, energizing, and yummy!

For ultra-glamorous effect:

Yoga class – always leaves my skin glowing and makse me look lit from within after I have done my makeup.

Perfect pout:

We really need to become more aware of the damage the sun’s rays can do to our lips. To keep mine moist, hydrated, and protected, I always choose a non-toxic lip balm with sunscreen.

Beauty tool:

Because I have fine fragile long hair I need to take care of it and avoid breakage.  I found the best brush called The Wet Brush that detangles my hair and is flexible so it does not pull and break hair! Will not brush my hair with anything else.


Weirdest beauty habit:

I don’t think it’s weird, but some people may think that it’s weird to swear off sugar to enjoy clearer skin, but I did just that! I went off sugar completely and I’ve noticed a huge effect on my skin. 

In the shower I keep...

I keep a dry skin brush near my shower. We all know we need to regularly exfoliate our faces, but we forget about the skin on the rest of our bodies. Skin brushing feels great, and loosens all that dead skin so you can shower it away and have smoother, softer skin all over.

On my bedside table…

H. Gillerman Stress remedy – I always put a few drops on my wrists and take five-to-ten deep breaths before I get into bed.

Once a month I…

Go to the spa for a day.

After a long-night or rough weekend…

I make sure that I get some quiet time though either a yoga session, meditation, and if I can, a nap. They always do the trick.

On little sleep I rely on…

Eating really clean and giving myself a break to slow down and accept that I might not be at my best, but I am still showing up!

The product that changed my skin…

I’d have to say microcurrent facials. I get mine at the Joanna Vargas salon here in New York City, and I can’t believe the results. There are no toxins involved, and nothing injected into your skin. The esthetician simply uses a microcurrent machine that provides gentle electrical stimulation to trigger the body’s own natural healing properties. My skin looks younger, smoother, and more toned immediately.

Most treasured beauty tip…

Meditation! I recommend the meditation CDs created by Belleruth Napersteck. I like to get into a warm tub and listen to her lower stress or general wellness CDs because they are so relaxing. These are also great for standard meditation sessions first thing in the morning. 

For glowing skin…

We need to exfoliate to really enjoy glowing skin, so I do this regularly. I think sometimes people forget that they need to exfoliate two-to-four times a week, depending on their skin type. I love Indie Lee’s Exfoliating Glycolic Mask

My go-to DIY:

Coconut oil. I use it in my hair and as a body moisturizer – smells divine!

Meet Britta at a Night of Green Beauty in New York September 4th! We’re gathering our favorite green beauty brands for a shopping experience extraordinaire…learn more about it here.

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