Fact: we’ve never met an Australian we didn’t like. Maybe it’s that close match between California-cool and laidback Aussie swagger; or maybe it’s because we’ve been exposed to so many clean-eating mates like Guy Turland who never fail to feed us food miracles like these avocado-maple cream pancakes.

We’re loving everything about the new Bondi Harvest cafe in Santa Monica, imported straight from the sundrenched shores of Bondi Beach. Here’s why…

What we ate: From acai-topped bowls of creamy quinoa pudding to granola covered smoothies, we’re ordering up half the menu each time we visit Bondi Harvest’s new surf vibe-enriched cafe. Chef Guy Turland, Mark Alston and team have been treating Bondi Beach locals in Australia with their healthy plates for ages, now we’re getting our hands on the good stuff from down under, just a few blocks from our L.A HQ. The must order? Pumpkin pancakes with maple-avocado cream.

Why we ate it: Bondi focuses on hyper-seasonal eating, everything on the menu made with some version of Aussie je ne sais quoi. You may think L.A can’t afford another health food restaurant, but nothing could be further from the truth. The key with a hotspot like this one is the provision of what we call easy access “girl food” – think avocado toast, acai bowls, matcha lattes – all with trust-worthy, clean ingredients we can count on.

Why you need it: Healthy eating can get a little too serious, but Bondi Harvest offers a delicious reminder that it doesn’t always have to be. Like a surf sesh for our palates, each visit is a fully immersive beach-leisure experience that encourages us to slow down and simply enjoy what’s happening then and there.

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