These Pancakes Have Only Two Ingredients (And Flour Is Not One)

Either you learned about this obsession-worthy wellness hack ages ago and make this easy pancake recipe every weekend or this is the first you’re hearing about it, in which case you are about to flip your lid.

Only two ingredients are needed for these insanely yummy, somewhat normal tasting pancakes: eggs and bananas. That’s it. After a quick whisking and a spin on the ol’ frying pan you’ll be stuffing your face with the best breakfast ever and – if you’re anything like us- you won’t be able to stop yourself from forcing everyone you know to try the recipe.

Our friends at Food Matters reminded us of this golden oldie recently and now they’re all we can think about. We’ve got one breakfast recipe on our weekend roster that needs trying first – these paleo bone broth waffles – and after that we’re going bananas for breakfast through the duration of spring…

The Easiest, Healthiest Pancakes Ever


2 eggs
1 banana, peeled, chopped roughly (not too ripe!)

coconut oil or butter for frying


Whisk eggs in a bowl, add the banana and mash together to form a batter. 

Heat 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or butter in a frying pan over medium heat. Pour in the batter to create a thin pancake. Let the pancake cook for about a minute before flipping it. Cook for another minute or two.

Serve with fresh strawberries and yogurt, cinnamon butter, maple syrup or sweetener of choice. You can also add nut butter, seeds (sesame, chia, hemp seed) and a drizzle of raw honey.

Read more from Food Matters here.

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  1. Awesome idea! Gonna have to try it!

    Olena | 05.13.2016 | Reply
  2. I am amazed at this idea for pancakes!!! Thank you…my granddaughters will love it too!!! Any ideas for diabetic recipes ???? Nanny

    Nanny | 05.14.2016 | Reply
  3. Awesome recipe!!! I’m going to try it Thank you!

    Esther | 05.15.2016 | Reply
  4. I love adding some baking powder, cinnamon and a little Stevia whenever I make these pancakes! Once in a while I add some coconut flour to thicken the pancakes too! 😀

    Cassie | 05.15.2016 | Reply
  5. Terrible food combo: sugar starch and protein = bloating and gas. Go ahead without me

    Brocka | 05.20.2016 | Reply
  6. Tried to make this for my daughter; wasted 2 eggs, a banana & 10 minutes of my life. Lame.

    Jean | 05.22.2016 | Reply
  7. are ya nuts , eggs highest chorestal food there is

    ESBEN ANDERSEN | 05.29.2016 | Reply
  8. These look AMAZING! Trying this weekend for sure!

    Tara | 06.04.2016 | Reply
  9. Hi eliminate the yolk ..if cholesterol is a concern

    lolo | 06.15.2016 | Reply
  10. The egg and banana pancakes sound wonderful I can’t wait to try them. I’m trying to wind down from dairy and sugar, whew it is a slow process – your website definitely helps. Thanks

    Liz Dunphy | 06.16.2016 | Reply
  11. egg beaters instead of eggs = no cholesterol also no beating of eggs needed so one step saved.

    William Hensley | 06.18.2016 | Reply
  12. This recipe for pancakes made with just two ingredients, eggs and bananas would be a great recipe for diabetics. Low in carbs and it has the eggs which give them protein that they need.

    Elizabeth Rosenberg | 07.23.2016 | Reply
  13. for those of you who have commented that these pancakes aren’t healthy, you’re wrong. cholesterol is actually a good thing – you can’t make hormones without it. furthermore, dietary cholesterol has little effect (yes, that’s right) on serum cholesterol levels. the starch in the underripe banana is resistant starch which does not provoke an insulin response, yet feeds healthy bacteria. i find the texture of the batter better when i use a hand mixer instead of combining by hand.

    ally the nutritionist | 09.14.2016 | Reply
  14. 1. no they’re not
    2. it’s GOOD cholesterol

    PJ Farley | 09.16.2016 | Reply
    • Since it doesn’t seem to have nested my reply above was to Esben

      PJ Farley | 09.16.2016 | Reply
  15. I’ve made these numerous times and they are delicious.

  16. Awesome recipe, tried and true every time. We top ours with hot blueberries and greek yogurt. Delicious!

    Tess | 12.01.2016 | Reply
  17. Thank you Ally!! This explanation was much needed. I love this recipe!

    Shann | 05.18.2020 | Reply

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