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Models On Instagram: 6 Healthy + Body Positive Women We Love
Katie Willcox (@katiewillcox)

Katie Willcox doesn't just support body positivity in the modeling industry...she's started a whole agency to promote it. As founder of Natural Models Management and CEO of Healthy Is The New Skinny, Katie has created a space where models are encouraged to find and embrace the shape and size that makes them happiest and healthiest, instead of trying to conform to what they've been told they should be. Courage, candor, and kindness - we've got a major girl crush on this game-changer.



Models On Instagram: 6 Healthy + Body Positive Women We Love

The way we see it, we’re in the middle of a sort of body-positive renaissance right now – and there are some pretty phenomenal models helping to spearhead that revolution. Slowly but surely, these women of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds are banding together to encourage something that is way more than skin deep: self-love.

In a culture that fat shames and skinny shames, damns you if you’re “too fit” and damns you if you’re “not fit enough,” it can be hard to feel like you’ve got the right body type. The truth of the matter is, there IS no “right” body type – and we love these six models for not only embracing what they’ve got and who they are, but inspiring us to do the same alongside them. From joyful gym sessions to philanthropic pastry faves (really!), here are six models who remind us that we’re all our own brand of beautiful.

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