Enjoy this thirty minute restorative yoga flow with The Black Women’s Yoga Collective led by founder, Mel Douglas. Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and though, as a nation, we are facing more complex racial issues than ever before, we hope that you will take the time to pause, reflect and turn inward for a moment of self-care that is also celebration. Restorative yoga provides us with an energizing, yet deeply calming magic that is hard to describe, and fitting for the times.

& Other Stories is a collective of three design ateliers in Stockholm, Los Angeles and Paris and owned by H&M. To kick off 2021, the brand has partnered with The Black Women’s Yoga Collective (BWYC) to launch a full collection of fitnesswear crafted with sustainably sourced materials — think recycled polyamide and organic cotton.

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We loved the resulting flow class so much and thought we would bring it to you as an active way to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day at home. As told to & Other Stories ,  BWYC founder, Mel Douglas shared the following… 

Tell us something you love about practicing yoga?

MEL: I love how simple practicing yoga is. There’s just something about knowing all I need is my body to practice that makes me feel more grounded. Yoga has shown me how strong and capable I am of choosing well for myself in each moment.

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In what ways do you feel empowered by yoga?

MEL: Yoga has helped me feel empowered by allowing me to see how capable I am — to do things that are physically hard but also mentally and emotionally challenging. It’s helped me gain a sense of clarity that I didn’t have before.

What’s your advice for those who are curious (and a little overwhelmed) about yoga?

MEL: Allow yourself to try different things and let it be fun. Sometimes we approach yoga like a very serious thing, and it is… but we’re also making tree and airplane shapes with our bodies as adults! Allow getting started to be fun, and it will flow so much better.

Complete this sentence: Yoga is more than a series of specific movements, yoga is…

MEL: An access point to a new way of being.

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