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One of the most controversial wellness topics we’ve covered in the past few years has been the lectin-free diet. Lectins became a huge topic of discussion after we shared our live interview with Dr. Gundry and read his best-selling book The Plant Paradox in 2017. Since Dr Gundry’s first book published, we’ve seen a growing number of wellness pros refer to lectin-avoidance and many new products launched that are labeled ‘lectin-free’.

In his book, Dr Gundy identifies lectins as a class of plant proteins that our bodies do not tolerate well (read our interview with Dr. Gundry in full here). Lectins are in everything from tomatoes and peppers to brown rice and quinoa. Dr. Gundry’s claims that removing them our diets could solve for many modern health woes had many of us ready for a lectin-free lifestyle. It also left us with the burning question: what the heck can we eat now?

Gundry’s cookbook, The Plant Paradox Cookbook, promised to answer that question and more. Here are some foods we found in the book we thought were interesting. We didn’t expect to find a few of these classic indulgences on such a restrictive diet and the last five foods might be brand new discoveries for many..

Mozzarella + Parmesan Dr. Gundry is very specific about which dairy products are allowed. Lo and behold, two the most important(?) cheeses are lectin-free. Source from the correct animals and geography and you’re set. (See The Plant Paradox for details.)

Steak + other meats Yes, steak…but it must be grass-fed and grass-finished to be free of the lectins that come from a grain-filled animal’s diet.

Eggs Eggs too are included in the lectin-free way of life, but must be pasture-raised. Notice a pattern here? Like most all-natural diets, the lectin-free diet involves some very savvy shopping skills to properly enjoy meat, eggs and dairy.

champagne That’s right, on special occasions, Dr Gundry says a glass of bubbles (or red wines from Oregon and South America) is best. The lectin-free diet is sounding better and better!

coconut cream  Dairy-free dieters, meet your new obsession. If you’ve not already discovered coconut cream, now it your chance to try. Whip it to replace whipped cream, pour it in recipes to replace heavy cream for dense nutrition and creamy texture.

algae oil Algae oil has becoming a popular cooking oil in the wellness world lately for it’s superior nutritional benefits. It’s rich in the omega-3 fat, DHA.

hemp tofu Hemp is an incredible source of protein, clean fats and minerals. If you’re avoiding soy, but love tofu – try hemp instead.

monk fruit There are a slew of great sweeteners without sugar on the market know. Just be sure they’re chemical free and – if you’re going lectin-free, go with monk fruit. Also sold granulated in tiny packets just like sugar.

brazilian cheesy bread We love this grain-free treat from Dr. Gundry’s new cookbook. Get the recipe here.

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  1. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach all I have to say is that there is not one ‘diet’ that works well for everyone. I don’t like to be boxed in or labeled so I find that with myself, and many others, a winning combination is a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Find what feels right for You! What works best for You! The only way to find that out is to be super focused on what you eat/drink and how you feel when eating/drinking those food/drinks. Or just call/email me and I will work with you to help you feel/look your best! Be gentle with yourselves. Michelle~ xo

    Michelle A. Giannone | 05.10.2018 | Reply
  2. It looks like the link to the recipe might be broken?

    Jean | 05.13.2018 | Reply
  3. Well Michelle, have YOU tried the Plant Paradox diet? There is a good reason why people who have been on virtually EVERY single diet out there may have lost weight but STILL have their ailments and diseases. It’s because the “diet” may have helped them lose weight, but it didn’t address their underlying health conditions. The Plant Paradox DOES address the underlying health conditions. If I hadn’t been on the diet myself, along with other family members and saw the results for myself, I would be saying exactly what you’re saying, but I’m a believer now! Dr. Gundry is on the cutting edge of diet and healthy lifestyle.

    Margaret Clauder | 07.23.2018 | Reply
  4. Been on this diet for 8 weeks. I keep gaining weight… Not sure what I am doing wrong, my brain fog gas gotten much better but I am super uncomfortable with my body

    Sjohnson | 11.24.2018 | Reply
  5. Are you also eating once a day within a two hour window. That is also apart of the healthy eating habit. Overeating even the best foods still overloads you with calories.

    Charles A Jenkins Jr | 12.28.2018 | Reply
  6. Are you eating plenty of healthy fats and fewer starches?

    Cindy | 12.29.2018 | Reply
  7. I am not overweight and don’t do ” diets” but I DO have gut issues..bloating and feeling crappy after most meals (and I don’t eat poorly) So that being said I am going to try this program because I want to feel better and not miserable everytime I eat…Day one of the cleanse and I already feel better. Looking foorward to having more food…sweet potatoes and broccoli..yumm

    LEANNE HAYRE | 08.13.2019 | Reply
  8. Only drink one small glass of water a week for perfect health. This system will fix all your health problems because you will be dead.

    John | 12.05.2019 | Reply
  9. I have list probably 80 lbs I don’t weigh myself but from a 2XL to presently a medium and still working on another 40 lbs to be the right weight for my height. This diet takes a little time and malice of foresight. When I retired after 40 years of nursing I had 2 rotator cuff tears 2 carpal tunnel surgeries, 2 pinches nerves in my back and a bout of shoulder tendenosis in both shoulders to both wrists and my left knee, all in the year I retired. I had put on a lot of weight I had gone from acute care to Geriatrics to an Administrative position prior to retiring. I was putting in 60 hours per week as well as being a busy farm wife and grandmother. I could no longer jog or cross county ski due to my knees. I suffered with severe Vitamin D depletion and aches and pains due to Arthritis. I was mildly depressed. I was retired, but could not enjoy all of he things I now had time for! I started on the Plant Paradox diet. I am off the daily Tetracycline ( for chronic bladder infection post TVT) that was killing my gut bacteria and with the help of Total Restore. I am off my twice a day Gerd pills, and I take no pain medication. My rotator cuff tears have healed with therapy, the chiropractor fixed my pinched nerves, carpal tunnel surgery to both wrists have given me pain free movement of my hands. Arthroscopy repaired a badly torn right medial and lateral meniscus(!the third tear) After a year of Dr. Gundry’s diet I feel wonderful, no medication. I am enjoying the retirement I have worked hard for. I don’t Boyce off the walls with energy like I did most of my life, but with the dietary changes I have made I will hopefully die old, feeling young, and collect my pension for 40 years to pay for all the unpaid overtime and chronic over use issues that old nurses usually suffer from. I walk 10 miles a week and am again enjoying life to the fullest. Thank You Dr Gundry for your dedication.

    Sherrie | 02.29.2020 | Reply
  10. I’ve been cooking boiling the heck of the lectins when making bone broth. Also, the D Earth with charcoal makes my stomach smaller. Just because someone has a big bum doesn’t mean their healthy. It’s just the gut isn’t working properly and the toxins need to move else where.

    Elise | 04.19.2020 | Reply
  11. I dont want to lose weight, I need to gain, I cant have dairy, tomatoes or foods high in potassium. I want to do this diet but I might be more restrictive. Can I eat whole grain bread? what food do you recommend

    Nicole | 01.28.2021 | Reply
  12. I just had colonoscopy had polyp removed have several diverticulitis areas will total restore plus prebiotic from you heal my intestines

    Deborah Palm | 01.28.2021 | Reply
  13. I am a caregiver for mostly cancer patients and work 14 plus hours a day I’m 70 years old and still have good energy but my intestines are suffering cause of not eating properly certainly not enough fiber what can help a person who has no time for themselves

    Deborah Palm | 01.28.2021 | Reply
  14. Exercise people. Get out and exercise. All your problems will abate…your butt size too…

    bill gullikson | 08.16.2021 | Reply
  15. I’m 71 years, , I’m still in reasonable shape. I ca. Walk 10+ miles a week. Have a few sore spots that are healing ok.

    Stephanie Welsh | 04.01.2022 | Reply
  16. I’m a Special Ed teacher and healed from Stage 4 breast cancer. I had a 9.7 cm tumor and 26 positive out of 26 lymph nodes because they didn’t look at my mammogram. I prayed to be healed and the Lord shepherded me with others onto an alkaline diet. I was healed and I’m very excited about this lectin free diet. I knew something was missing. I’m 71 years, , I’m still in reasonable shape. I can walk 10+ miles a week. Have a few sore spots that are healing ok. When I saw Dr Gundry’s video, I made my 90 year old mother join me on this diet/program.

    Stephanie Welsh | 04.01.2022 | Reply
  17. BILL GULLIKSON | 08.16.2021 | REPLY
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I’m a Special Ed teacher and healed from Stage 4 breast cancer. I had a 9.7 cm tumor and 26 positive out of 26 lymph nodes because they didn’t look at my mammogram. I prayed to be healed and the Lord Jesus helped me heal on an alkaline diet.
    I’m very excited that Jesus led me further onto this lectin free diet. I’m so grateful the Lord has kept me striving for better health. I’m 71 years, , I’m still in reasonable shape. I can walk 10+ miles a week. Have a few sore spots that are healing ok. When I saw Dr Gundry’s video, I made my 90 year old mother join me on this diet/program. She still maintains a healthy food plan and still complains she doesn’t loose weight. I feel Dr Gundry will help her figure it out.

    Stephanie Welsh | 04.02.2022 | Reply
  18. I have had diverticulosis for years now and have had a few bouts of diverticulitis. Sounds to me like this diet is lower and fiber and high in fat which doctors have told me I have to cut back my fat because I have high cholesterol and my GI doctor has said that I need to increase my fiber intake I don’t know if any of this will even help me I know that my gut is a mess but I just have no idea of which way to turn I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a magic Genie that can do all this but I do think it’s common sense to try to eat correctly I certainly don’t want to be part of a fad diet all I want is some common sense about all this and I’m not sure if I have enough intake on this program to know if it will help people like me

    Nita | 05.17.2022 | Reply
  19. If you took the skin and seeds out of the tomato can you still eat it? And if you took the skin off the eggplant can you still eat that?

    Valerie | 06.07.2022 | Reply
  20. Get the doctors book and try it for a few months – can’t hurt, can it? Good luck;-)

    Shirley Sxhmoock | 12.18.2022 | Reply
  21. yes Valerie, removing the skin and seeds will greatly reduce the lectin content of the tomatoes

    Kate | 01.06.2023 | Reply

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