Yes, sunblock matters. But we’re ready to double down and layer up on our sun protection plan as we head into summer. We know just what to use when it comes to sunscreen, but we’re thinking beyond the usual suncare products to hardcore eyewear and even sun-blocking beachwear for summer 2015.

Friends Monique Hypes and Anne Reilly founded Mott 50 after battling a bit of sun-related skin trouble themselves. Mott 50 is a line of laid-back clothing with built-in 50 UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) designed to keep your skin protected in everyday life and especially when you’re hanging out in the sun. This is not just about covering up – the average white t-shirt has a UPF of just 5!

We asked these skincare-minded ladies to share a few of their top sun-protection picks. We love their perfect straw hat and surf-ready bathing suit – and couldn’t agree more with their choice for well-protected lips!

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