What To Eat After A Workout: 21 Fitness Pros Tell All

Spaghetti squash? Pancakes? This is not what we expected. You know we get high off of raiding our fave health pros’ refrigerators and modeling what they eat for breakfast. Coming in at a close third place? Using our favorite fitness pros’ tips and tricks to hack our own pre-and-post regimen.

If you’ve ever found yourself at a loss for post-work out snacks, join the club. A girl can only live off of hard-boiled eggs or protein powders for so long. Find out what 21 pros are eating after they’ve hit it hard…

Tara Stiles of Strala

“My green dream smoothie. Banana, spinach, almond milk. Blend. So easy. So good.”

Mark Harari of Pulse Fitness Studio

BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) and 100% whey protein.”

Kate Hudson

Green juice and some sort of protein, depending on what time of day.”

Cassey Ho of Blogilates

“Sashimi salad. Yellowtail preferably.”

Kirsten Potenza + Cristina Peerenboom, The POUND Girls

“Kristin loves coconut water and sesame honey almonds – Cristina’s pick is Greek yogurt with berries.”

Lorna Jane Clarkson

“A smoothie that is packed with protein.”

Karena Dawn + Katrina Hodgson, The Tone It Up Girls

“We both love Perfect Fit Protein. Karena makes smoothie with kale, strawberries and bananas, and Katrina whips it into a pancake with strawberries and a dash of stevia!”

Simone De La Rue of Body By Simone

“A boiled egg!”

Jacquelyn Umof Of The Tracy Anderson Method

“The squash family: spaghetti squash, summer squash, butternut squash, 8-ball squash…”

Andrea Speir of The Pilates Fix

“Well let’s be honest, what I want to eat is a big ol’ ice cream cone, but I know that makes me feel like a blob, so instead I’ll drink Pressed Juicery Vanilla Almond because it’s a great way to get that essential post-workout protein and it tastes like dessert. I also like almond butter on toasted, sprouted Ezekial bread with a drizzle of local honey. Yum.”

Mary Helen Bowers of Ballet Beautiful

“Organic salad and eggs!”

Maranda Barskey of CycleHouse

“Brown rice cake with almond butter…and a banana if I need it.”

Sadie Lincoln of Barre3

“Leftover smoothie from breakfast. My favorite these days is our leafy smoothie. I have a ton of smoothies from the chefs I work with locally here in Portland. They are all a balance of greens for fiber and antioxidants, with protein and healthy fats. This mixture helps balance blood sugar levels, which helps keep my energy up after a good workout.”

Ginger Ressler of Fabletics

“A Pressed Juicery Greens 1 with a chicken breast and veggies.”

Alexandra Bonetti, founder of Bari Studios

Jodi Gruber Brufsky of Beyond Yoga

“While this may sound forced, it’s truly not. I am a regular at Maha Yoga and I am also a regular at Pressed Juicery downstairs. I like to get a Greens 2. I also like the chlorophyll water – I mix it with water, ice, lemon juice and stevia and make my healthy lemonade.”

Bree Chambers of Nesh

Lindsay Hallam of The Studio MDR

“Protein shake with blended homemade nutmilk, frozen banana, spinach, Sunwarrior protein and lots of ice.”

Elisabeth Halfpapp of Exhale Core Fusion

“KIND Bar Peanut Butter + Chocolate – yum!”

Don’t see your favorite pick on the list? In the comments, let us know your favorite post-gym snack that we need to try for ourselves!

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