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You might not think to put the words chocolate and supplements in the same sentence, but a new wave of wellness chocolates is changing the way we snack. With a few weeks of holiday sugar cookies coming our way, we’re loading up on a stash of these functional bars to keep our cravings at bay and get a little boost of wellbeing when we need it.

Grab a few of these wellness chocolates for yourself, a few extra to share, and maybe even a handful or two to slide into a stocking…

hu wellness chocolatesHU Chocolate | Hu makes some of the best natural chocolate bars we’ve come across. The flavors are spot on, the texture is smooth and luxe, and the mission behind the brand is right up our alley. Their priority is high-quality, thoughtfully and ethically sourced ingredients to make foods that support a life of wellness — so we can “get back to being human.” CHECK OUT

honey mamas wellness chocolatesHoney Mamas | You haven’t lived until you’ve tried this cult-loved chocolate bar. Made with minimal, raw ingredients — including cacao, raw honey and various botanical add-ins, depending on the flavor — these handmade treasures are a true treat. With the texture of a brownie and the flavor of your chocolatey dreams come true, snack a stash and keep them in your fridge for instant joy.  CHECK OUT

cobbs wellness chocolatesCobb’s | This is what every peanut butter cup wishes it could be. The little domes are made of perfectly smooth chocolate surrounding a ball of fabulously seasoned seed and nut butters — from walnut to sun butter to almond butter. CHECK OUT

beauty bar wellness chocolatesBeauty Bar Chocolate | We recently stumbled upon this beautiful wellness chocolate and instantly fell in love with the packaging. One bite later and we we’re totally hooked. Each bar is loaded with adaptogens for an activated mind, a calm complexion and a peaceful little moment we crave. CHECK OUT

addictive wellness chocolatesAddictive Wellness | Addictive Wellness has consistently been our go-to for functional wellness chocolate since the founders stopped by our office last summer and wow-ed us with their adaptogen-loaded ice creams and smoothies. Labeled with what effect you can expect, these small yet satisfying dark chocolates are as good as any supplement. CHECK OUT

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