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During the holidays, it’s easy to slip into the mentality of more is more. This season, we’re spinning things around and giving the gift of less.

These gifts actually reduce the amount of stuff we own, cut the amount of waste we produce and are more likely to create lasting memories than a mess of packaging. Make a friend date, tote along one of these functional holiday presents and discover how ‘less’ can really mean so much more…

The Gift of Less Waste…
gift of less tupperwareW&P Designs Container | This chic reusable container puts all other Tupperware to shame. If your bestie is on a never-ending Postemates binge, this cute portable bowl might just be the inspiration she needs to start cooking at home and killing fewer trees. CHECK OUT
gift of less pastel travel mugsStelton To-Go Click |The elegant, minimalist design of these travel tumblers might look more like decor on your desk than a to-go mug. Maybe you’ll actually remember to bring it along on your next coffee run instead of walking out with yet another trash-bound paper cup. CHECK OUT
gift of less glass travel mugKeep Cup reusable coffee cup | This eco-friendly glass coffee cup slides right into your cup holder — and looks real cute tucked in there. The cork band keeps it comfortably touchable, while the BPA-free lid is easy to sneak a sip out of. CHECK OUT
The Gift of More Time… 
gift of less wool all birds sneakersAll Birds Wool Runners | These sustainable wool sneakers feel like a cloud cradle for your feet. Gift a friend with a pair in their favorite color, along with a book of coupons for friend dates including a few good walks. CHECK OUT
gift of less white enamel tea kettleKAICO TEA KETTLE | Give the gift of dedicated friend chats and cozy afternoons at home. The real gift is the promise of time together — and at least two pots of tea. CHECK OUT
gift of less turmeric tonic blendGOLDE ORIGINAL TURMERIC TONIC BLEND | Being well should feel good — and that good feeling should be shared. Plan a self-care day with a friend centered around cozy tonics and time spent exploring the true meaning of wellness. CHECK OUT
The Gift of Good Ideas + Less Stuff…
gift of less outer order inner calm bookOuter Order, Inner Calm by Gretchen Ruben | Give your loved ones the gift of peace of mind. This book from bestselling author, Gretchen Rubin, is loaded with suggestions for manageable steps to cultivate a more serene, orderly environment that gives us space to live the life we want. CHECK OUT
gift of less marie kondo bookThe Life Changing magic of Cleaning Up by Marie Kondo | Learning how to slim down your possessions to a collection of things that elevate your life is a uniquely empowering experience. That’s why the world freaked out when Marie Kondo entered the scene. A few years later — including more books, a manga comic and a few cute product collabs — Marie Kondo’s debut book is still a staple on our shelves. Give it to a friend in need to a de-cluttering that doubles as an existential makeover.  CHECK OUT
gift of less make time bookMake Time : How to Focus on What Matters Every Day by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky | Tech pros Jake and John have helped teams from Google to YouTube solve problems by changing how they work. Their approach comes from years experimenting with their own habits and routines, looking for ways to help people optimize their energy, focus, and time. | CHECK OUT
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