strawberry bread recipe

Zucchini bread is cute and banana bread is charming, but strawberry bread just be the new queen of quickbreads.

‘Tis the season for strawberries and we love finding unexpected ways to work these vitamin C-rich gems into everything we eat (see what we mean?). Apparently, strawberry bread has become quite a trend on Pinterest lately. We thought we’d check out what all the fuss was about by testing variations and narrowing the strawberry bread trend down to a few reliable faves.

As with most baking recipes we find on Pinterest, a few backing hacks are required to turn these classic recipes into TCM-approved fare. Knowing a few simple swaps for traditional baking ingredients can turn an ordinary baked good into something allergy-friendly or more nutrient-dense.

Here are a few simple swaps to try:

+ Swap conventional flour for a gluten-free cup-for-cup all-purpose flour or organic sprouted wheat flour.
+ Use organic coconut sugar in place of some of the granulated sugar, or experiment with monk fruit sweetener.
+ Always make sure your baking powder is aluminum-free.
+ Use coconut oil in place of vegetable oil.
+ Use pasture-raised eggs when you can.
bets strawberry bread recipeStrawberry Bread from Two Peas and their Pod | This lovely little loaf has a delightfully strong strawberry flavor and a perfectly moist texture. Cultured buttermilk and Greek yogurt give the recipe a richness we love. We used coconut oil instead of canola which added a light layer of complementary flavor and sprinkled a few extra chopped strawberries on top before baking. READ MORE
martha stewart strawberry breadStrawberry Bread from Martha Stewart | Of course Martha is involved here. This version of strawberry bread, straight from the Netherlands, has the cakey texture of traditional banana bread. The butter and eggs give it a decadence thar’s nicely balanced by the bits of strawberries floating around. READ MORE
amish strawberry breadStrawberry Bread from the Amish Cook | This quaint AF Amish strawberry bread recipe is heavy on the strawberry, and we love it for that. Don’t miss the author’s note about how to make it a little healthier: “I used coconut oil, cut the sugar to 2/3 cup (combo of coconut sugar and regular), added a little applesauce, and put a little extra almond extract.” READ MORE
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