6 LA Restaurants a Top Food Boss Thinks You Need To Eat At Next

Do you ever wonder where restaurant-makers go to eat? The thought has crossed out minds about a million times. In the LA wellness scene, foodie indulgences and healthy living can in fact seamlessly co-exist, which is why balanced, but good restaurants like Sweetgreen have such a hardcore following. Nic Jammet, one of three Sweetgreen co-founders, recently told us where he’s hanging out after-hours and we’re eating our way through this list of local treasures with plenty of healthy options right away…

Sqirl | The buzzy East LA joint that dropped local chef Jessica Koslow on our radars is worth the wait to get in. Can’t stand the line? Pick up Jessica’s cookbook aptly named Everything I Want To Eat and whip up a few Sqirl classics in your own kitchen. Grab one of our fave salad recipes from its pages here.

Felix | This carbo-load is worth breaking your Keto diet for. Chef Evan Funke’s take on traditional Italian cuisine resulted in the birth of Felix, a Venice hotspot with arguably the best homemade pasta made on this side of the Atlantic.

Baroo | Hello, fermented friends. We’d gladly brave LA traffic for a bite of Baroo’s locally sourced and wonderfully modern take on Korean classics. Check out their incredible shelf of fresh fermented drinks and condiments and dig on in. 

Chi Spacca | One of famed contemporary chef, Nancy Silverton’s restaurants, Chi Spacca serves up meaty, upscale Italian fare that instantly transports your tastebuds to a Tuscan paradise using whole, seasonal ingredients.
Majordomo | NYC-based food star, David Chang, opened his first LA eatery in January – and the waiting list is still about four-months long. If you can manage to get a table, Chang’s twisted take on noodles, meat and fish are guaranteed to delight the most discerning yet fun-loving foodie palate.

Kato | Tucked into an unassuming strip-mall in West LA, this Omakase-style Japanese restaurant offers multi-course feasts that are as artful and creative as they come.  

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