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If we could gift our friends any nutritionist and trainer combo, it would be long-time TCM contributor Kelly LeVeque and Body By Simone (BBS) founder, Simone De La Rue. This power duo is joining forces this week to launch The BBS App — here’s everything you need to know…

Simone, one of Hollywood’s most sought-after personal trainers, has re-popularized the rebounder one svelte celeb body at a time through her namesake studio Body By Simone and book of the same name. Kelly, a holistic nutrition expert, is the creator of the ‘Fab Four’ nutrition philosophy and author of a new book that breaks it all down.

The BBS app is a modern solution for serious (and drama-free) fitness goals, aiming to revolutionize at-home training by using fancy software to create customized workout and nutrition programs for each user based on personal goals – whether that’s to trim, tone or maintain.

The BBS app also features weekly live drop-in classes, over 900 minutes of workout classes, hundreds of plant and protein-based recipes and exclusive videos, plus motivation and advice from both pros. For a monthly cost equivalent to one night’s Uber ride home, this app gives us access to a personal wellness experience that might just make us cancel all those other studio memberships once and for all…

Learn more from Simone De La Rue here and Kelly Leveque here.

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