superfood ice cream sundae recipe

There’s no reason that rich, cold and creamy cannot also be nourishing, clean and healthy. We long for the day when we can pick up a pint of coconut chlorella mint chip at any late night grocer, but until then, these superfood ice cream recipes work just fine.

We all love ice cream, but the cold stuff’s reputation for being either highly processed or packed with too much sugar qualifies it as an anti-beauty food. These recipes are the opposite. We’re hoping to get you hooked on the ‘ice cream every day’ diet with these clean, nutrient dense ice cream recipes. Don’t let the wild colors or unusual ingredients deter you, we’ve included a long list below of our top favorites and invite you to try one that suits your palate.

The first few recipes come from our summer shoot with Addictive Wellness co-founders AnnaBlanca and Sage. We tried all four in the period of a couple hours and were in a feel good mood afterward we can hardly describe. So many healthful ingredients in one big dose — we were calm, happy, energized, and turned on to these recipes for life… 

green superfood ice cream recipeGREEN SUPERFOOD ICE CREAM | Homemade and healing, this version is loaded with anti-aging ingredients like spirulina and chlorella — and one powerful player you probably aren’t too familiar with, Styrian pumpkin seed oil. Some of these ingredients are certainly an acquired taste, making this one of the most “advanced” superfood ice creams on our list.  The ingredients are so functional for our health we don’t mind a bit. Plus, the addition of this rich, nutty oil balances everything out. READ MORE
coffee mct superfood ice cream recipeBRAIN FUEL coffee ICE CREAM | This ultra-functional superfood ice cream recipe doesn’t just charge you up with the power of caffeine. Using potent ingredients like lion’s mane mushroom, cordyceps, astragalus and healthy fats like grass-fed ghee and C-8 caprylic acid, this superfood ice cream is bonafide brain food. READ MORE
beauty berry superfood ice creamSUPERBERRY BEAUTY ICE CREAM | Thanks to ingredients like lucuma, tremella mushroom, pearl, goji and schizandra, this superfood-loaded treat is extremely nutrient-dense and deeply beautifying. Tastes tart and creamy just like real berry ice cream. READ MORE
cookies and cream anabolic superfood ice creamANABOLIC COOKIES + CREAM ICE CREAM | This luscious, anabolic and sugar-free take on cookies and cream is one of the creamiest, most satisfying superfood ice creams we’ve come across. The ingredient list is not for the faint of heart, but the hunger-abating and metabolism-boosting benefits are enough to convince us to whip up a batch. READ MORE
spriulina chia seed superfood ice cream bowlBLUE SPIRULINA BOWL | This superfood ice cream is packed with spirulina benefits from amino acids to omega fatty acids, antioxidants and and a slew of key vitamins. Learn all about the health perks of spirulina here, then whip up a bowl of this beautiful dessert. READ MORE
three ingredient banana coconut superfood ice cream recipeSIMPLE BANANA COCONUT ICE CREAM | Holistic health coach, Neda Varbanova whipped up this vegan ice cream recipe for us using our fave blended coconut from Pressed Juicery – uber hydrating, but also filling thanks to all that fiber and fat. With only three ingredients total, this superfood ice cream is too easy not to make in bulk and keep on hand, always and forever. READ MORE
coconut pistachio cardamom rose superfood ice cream recipeCOCONUT PISTACHIO ICE CREAM WITH CARDAMOM + ROSE | Made with rose water, rich coconut cream, pistachios, and spices, this flavorful vegan ice cream recipe is everything we need on these hot summer evenings. READ MORE
chlorella superfood ice cream recipeCOCONUT CHLORELLA MINT ICE CREAM | This recipe by holistic wellness coach Ashley Neese (which uses some of our favorite Sun Potion picks ever) is a perfect representation of mindful indulgence. This chlorella ice cream so is jam-packed with superfoods, whipping it up for breakfast is not off the table. READ MORE
vegan red velvet superfood ice cream recipeRED VELVET CHEESECAKE ICE CREAM | This frozen treat is jam-packed with healthy, figure-flattering secret ingredients (you’ll never guess where the red hue comes from!). Top it off with a handful of red berries, a crumbled-up Brazilian cacao bar, or simply scoop it up in its pure, freshly made state. READ MORE
philosophie superfood ice cream sundaeTHE SUPERFOOD SUNDAE | We live for Philosophie founder Sophie Jaffe’s coconut butters and superfood powders and we love the way she works them into summer treats like this nutrient-packed superfood ice cream sundae. READ MORE

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