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The fitness world as it appears on social media seems to be filled with perfectly lit gym selfies and HIIT training as modeled by, well, models. In reality, the fitness world is booming with innovative new studios and normal people who are passionate about getting their sweat on.

When word of a new workout craze rises to the surface of the scene, we know there’s probably something to it — but should we try it ourselves or leave it to live on the gram?

We researched the best fitness classes fom LA to NYC and discovered 10 that live up the hype. Here are ten classes that are worth the work…

SoulCycle | Multiple cities

SoulCycle is the cult classic that you have definitely heard of and have probably even tried. Considered one of the best fitness classes since its launch, it gets a rep for being somewhat of a religion and to set the record straight, it is. These $30 classes are more than just a workout, they are an experience. Instructors motivate riders to cycle with the beat of the music, creating community through movement. In just 45-minutes, SoulCycle burns an average of 500-700 calories per session. Which seems like more than enough to justify a bi-weekly “treat yourself” day.SLT | Multiple cities

If cardio, strength training, and Pilates had a very toned baby, it would be called SLT. This workout looks like Pilates, but feels like so much more. These 50-minute sessions focus on activating slow-twitch fibers and use controlled movements to create long, lean muscle development. SLT students practice on the Megareformer. Which basically looks like a very advanced Pilates reformer, designed to work your entire body from all angles. An SLT class burns an estimated 500 calories per session and produces unbelievably quick results, making it worth every plank held over 15 seconds.

dogpound laDogpound | NYC + LA

If you follow any Victoria’s Secret model on Instagram, you’ve probably seen their grueling workouts. If you’ve seen their grueling workouts, then you’ve probably seen the Dogpound studio. This exclusive, yet unpretentious gym has made its mark as one of the best fitness classes and most beloved studio of supermodels and A-list celebrities alike. To join their client list, you must know an existing member and be willing to spend a pretty penny for personalized training. But this is one workout that we definitely recommend trying at least once. If not only to say you worked out next to Taylor Swift.

barry's bootcamp studioBarry’s Bootcamp | Multiple Cities

Barry’s Bootcamp is the OG high-intensity interval group training and credits themselves for the fitness craze, rightfully so. These 50-minute workouts consist of 50% treadmill and 50% strength training, targeting a different muscle group each day of the week. Their “red room” experience allows students to escape into full beast mode, burning up to 1000+ calories per class.

Ballet Beautiful | NYC

When professional ballerina Mary Helen Bowers founded the ballet-inspired method Ballet Beautiful, it revolutionized barre fitness. With group classes and private training available in their Soho, NYC studio, Ballet Beautiful lets anyone feel like a prima ballerina for the day, and leaves your body feeling lean and sculpted. Can’t make it to a class? You can stream their video library of over 200 workouts at home via their custom online subscription.

Best Fitness Classes laLagree Fitness Studio | LA

This high-intensity, low impact training is designed to give you results-driven conditioning in just 25 minutes. Lagree is a patented method that stimulates core strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance and flexibility performed on the Suprareformer. Remember the Megareformer? This is like that, but more mega. The Supra works on an incline and tilt to deliver continuous movement through various planes, maximizing both mental and muscle engagement. The method is licenced in over 350 studios around the world, with a new Lagree location popping up in Santa Monica this summer.

Hot 8 Yoga | LA

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or just love a good sweat, Hot 8 is one of the best fitness classes on our radar, literally. If you are new to hot yoga, it’s exactly what it sounds like…yoga in a heated room. 103 – 108 degrees to be specific. Hot 8 is one of our favorite studios for hot yoga because it offers a free week of unlimited classes to new students, so you can try it with zero commitment. Whether you’re looking to stretch or sculpt, Hot 8 has got you covered (in sweat).

gloveworx boxing ringGloveworx | LA

Ever since supermodels started crediting their fit figures to boxing, there has been no shortage of women in the once-male-dominated sport. And while you can pretty much throw a stone and hit a boxing gym in LA and NYC, Gloveworx stands out for its state-of-the-art facility and personalized attention to students. Signing up for a Gloveworx session starts with an online quiz to assess which workout is best suited for you. The class itself combines boxing training with strength and conditioning, with never more than five people per coach. Get ready to leave your cluttered mind and 700 calories in the ring.

Best Fitness Classes body by simoneBody by Simone | NYC + LONDON + LA 

Made famous by its celebrity followers like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jennifer Garner, Body By Simone is the perfect workout for someone who doesn’t love working out. Why? Because the dance-cardio class feels more like a dance party rather than a fitness class. But amazingly, gives you all the results of a high-intensity strength training class (which it still is). The 55-minute class uses body weight and light resistance to produce and enhance long, lean muscles. The method is also designed with women in mind, targeting the body’s most troublesome areas. You know the ones.

Best Fitness Classes tracy andersonTracy Anderson | NYC + LA

When celebrity fitness guru Tracy Anderson discovered the key to obtaining lean body mass was by exercising small accessory muscles, the Tracy Anderson Method was born. Since its conception, she has opened studios across LA, NYC, London and Madrid — and even developed an epic online program that streams weekly workouts from her studio classes. Her workouts first gained major press when helped Gywneth Paltrow lose 11 inches in just ten days, and the buzz didn’t stop there. Thousands of testimonials later, it’s no wonder Tracy Anderson remains the reigning queen of modern fitness.

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