The truth is that not every food you eat is going to be a superfood. These super-easy nutrition hacks don’t require adding an extra meal or supplement. Rather, they’re clever ideas for fitting deep nutrition into the things we’re already eating on the daily for better well being now and in the long-run.

Our Editor in Chief, Suzanne Hall, recently stopped by the beautiful home of New York Times bestselling author and OG holistic health pro, Sophie Uliano to discuss favorite wellness tips in a series Sophie is sharing on YouTube. Sophie’s approach to wellness, like our own, thrives in on practical choices with meaningful impact.

Watch the video and skim through the highlights below for nutrition hacks that’ll elevate your health daily without complicating your routine…

Drink Actual Mineral Water
Keep the fridge stocked with sparkling mineral water like Gerolsteiner or Pellegrino. These mineral waters come in eco-friendly glass bottles and are packed with minerals (not all sparkling waters are!). A bottle of Gerolsteiner, which we consider to be the champagne of sparkling water, contains 18% daily magnesium. Pellegrino, which is easier to find for most, provides a good dose of calcium.

Green Smoothies, Obviously
Sophie loves taking chlorella and nutrient-dense wheat-grass and barley grass, but that can be a lot to ask of someone who isn’t already in the habit of it. If you’re looking for a more casual way to get the benefits of daily greens, get yourself a container of Kyo-Green, Sophie’s go-to. The powdered blend can be mixed into any juice or smoothie to boost energy and to make your gut really, really happy. Check Out

Supercharge Your Juice

You already know the benefits of drinking lemon water, but there’s an easy way to make those health perks work even harder. Suzanne loves drinking Pressed Juicery’s spicy lemon cayenne water every day — one of her favorite nutrition hacks is to mix it with a ginger wellness shot for a dose of gut-soothing ingredients and extra vitamins. Can’t make it to a PJ? These bevs can easily be re-created at home.

Make Your Own Alkaline Water

According to the pros, pH balanced alkaline water is amazing to neutralize acidity in the body while also hydrating. Bottles of alkaline water can be very expensive. Sophie’s secret tip is to make your own simply by adding a bit of baking soda to any purified water. Throw in a few slices of fresh lemon for more alkalinity and to give it an extra kick of flavor.

Upgrade Your Latte

Souping-up a morning latte with powerful herbs and adaptogens is one of our daily go-tos. When there’s no time to measure out thirty different adaptogens, Suzanne is obsessed with adding Wild Remedies to her coffee. The cute little tin contains a few high-quality and high-impact ingredients your body will love. The blend contains Ceylon cinnamon – known for its crazy level of antioxidants and ability to help balance blood sugar, as well as chaga, a medicinal mushroom with incredible health benefits that enhance focus, memory, energy and immunity. Check Out

Address The Adrenals
Adrenal burnout is a serious issue many of us struggle with, whether we know it or not. Give your body a major boost by taking adaptogens. Sophie prefers taking hers in supplement form — specifically, a blend by Body Software designed to help the body adapt to stress, with a powerful blend known for healing and boosting your adrenals.

Toss some ground flax seeds on salads or in smoothies for a super simple and adaptable nutrition hack. Suzanne became obsessed with flax after reading about it in modern wellness guide, How Not to Die which dedicates a whole chapter to the humble seedWith many chapters covering a wide range of health topics, the full chapter on flax seeds says a lot about their benefits! Keep a bag on hand, grind them fresh (store in the freezer to make them last) and sprinkle them on everything to enjoy the healthy fat, fiber and other nutritional benefits.

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