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After a long week, there’s nothing better than slapping on a good sheet mask and forcing ourselves to relax for a solid 20 minutes. Peel it off, and our face is instantly brighter, plumper and prettier. Magic, right? If you’re as obsessed as we are, there’s great news: sheet masking is no longer for your pretty face alone. Body masks are a thing – and you can bet your ass they’re specialized.

Lately, we’re seeing more body masks on the market: from crazy serum-soaked  Korean products we can’t quite interpret to the baby bump mask Hatch launched last year (yes, really!). Are these uber-specific body-loving treatments extra? Definitely. It’s part of what makes them such a treat. Explore our favorite body masks from head to toe…

Patchology Eye Gels | Keep these little serum-infused gel pads in the fridge for an addictively easy way to depuff. Key ingredients include caffeine and collagen to bring life and firmness back to sleepy eyes. Leave them on for five minutes while you’re taming your hair or making your morning coffee for an instantly refreshed look and feel.  CHECK OUT

Sio Browlift | Sio patches contain no product, no serum or oil – just medical grade silicone. This forehead patch is easy to stick on before bed or for a solo afternoon. The silicone flattens our wrinkles and soothes skin. Forget about the mask until you peel it off in the morning and revel in the smoothness of your own face skin. Sio’s forehead patch is pretty remarkable and worth using a few days in a row if you’re trying to avoid more drastic measures. CHECK OUT

KNC Beauty Collagen Infused Lip Mask | These hydrogel lip patches are infused with botanical ingredients that will make your lips feel and look plump and silky smooth. Pop one on any time and leave it there for ten minutes. We love throwing one on during our morning commute, before a big night out and any time we’re looking a little too chapped for comfort. CHECK OUT


Vaga Collagen 24 Carat Gold Breast Mask | We can’t say we’ve ever slapped on a face mask and thought hmm, I should put this on my boobs, but, at second thought, it makes perfect sense. The delicate skin on our chest is often neglected and – hey, everyone has different beauty priorities. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate from head to toe or glam up for a nearly nakie vacay, these breast masks could be just what you’re looking for. They, of course, come in pairs. CHECK OUT

Sio Hand Lift | This mask is for the woman who hates to constantly lotion up. The avid cook, gardener or even mom may feel she’s constantly washing her hands and needs a little extra TLC. These Sio patches are designed specifically for the backs of our hands. It might sounds extra — because it is — but you won’t think twice once you slide on your favorite ring stack and marvel at how smooth, bright and hydrated your hands look. CHECK OUT

Sio Neck Lift | Most of us completely ignore our necks in our skincare regimens, but skin here is super delicate and need of as much care as your face!  Yet another Sio mask, this one will smooth the neck like nobody’s business. This neck lift treatment is ideal to use the night before a big meeting or event, or just as part of your weekly routine to look extra gorgeous, naturally.  CHECK OUT

Bawdy Beauty Firming Bum Mask | Made for “all butt types,” this firming, skin-soothing mask is the one you never knew you needed — but you’ll be very happy to have. BAWDY butt masks tone and help contour your bum leaving it taut and smooth. Ingredients include plumping plant-based collagen, calming chamomile, hydrating aloe and antioxidant-rich blue algae and mineral kelp.CHECK OUT

Karuna Exfoliating Foot Mask | Foot masks are having an underground moment — but a moment none the less. You’ve probably seen ones online that peel off about nine million layers of skin in one fell swoop. This one from a clean K-beauty brand we’re down with isn’t quite as intense, but the results won’t disappoint. Natural ingredients exfoliate dead skin and hydrate in a noticble way. They’re the ideal remedy to too much time spent in heels, or the perfect pick-me-up before you slide into your fave pair. CHECK OUT

Is all this masking going too far? Which body part mask are you actually excited to discover? 

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