Mariah K. Lyons is the high-vibe designer behind Astara Collective – a luxury footwear brand with a major wellness mission. Based in LA — because, duh — Mariah’s designs are made with sustainable, vegetable-tanned Italian leather…and topped with ethically sourced, energetically pre-charged crystals that help ground the wearer. According to Mariah, they can also be programmed with personal intentions.

The soles of each Astara Collection shoe are embedded with metal programmed to the resonance of the earth (7.83hz to be precise). This unique tech makes each shoe “grounding” to promote healing and balance of the mind, body, and spirit. (Learn more about grounding here.)

Sound a little woo-woo? Just a reminder that, not long ago, you may have felt the same way about yoga, green juice or sound baths. (Okay, maybe you still have questions about sound baths, but we’re surprised how fast they’ve caught on!)

Astara Collective founder

Astara Collective slides are a bit on the pricey side for wellness-wear, but Mariah came to the project with a fashion background and wanted to create an ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’ shoe that wasn’t an awkward fit for the fashion-conscious. We love that and invited Mariah to join our fave sustainable fashion series, In Her Closet. Take a walk in Mariah’s shoes below…

My style in three words:

Feminine. Earthy. Collected.

Recent inspiration:

I am forever inspired by nature. This past summer I spent time in a wild dolphin immersion program, learning from the spinner dolphins in Hawaii. It was truly transformational communicating with these magnificent beings. Whether it be a plant, mineral, animal or element, I’m constantly awed by the levels of graciousness, co-creation and healing available to us at all times through a pure connection with nature, let alone the breathtaking beauty.

My style icons:

Jane Birkin, Patty Boyd, Zoe Kravitz

My signature look:

Black Onyx Grounding ASTARA slides, Maria Stanley Luna pants, t-shirt and vintage silk kimono.

My favorite natural materials:

Plant-dyed natural silk, vegetable tanned leather, linen and most definitely raw stones.

My mission:

To help people ground, connect to the Earth and find peace within.

How do ASTARA shoes ground their wearer?

There is a metal grounding technology component in the sole of the shoe that is programmed at the frequency of the Earth (7.83 hz), which is the Schumann Resonance. This frequency, and attuning one’s body to this resonance, has been shown to reduce inflammation, reduce the effect of stress on the body, protect against EMFs and create harmony within the frequencies of the physical body. With the additional component of the healing minerals, these shoes help to balance the mind, body and spirit.

Something in my closet I'll own forever:

The first pair of mules I made by hand in a small footwear factory in Brooklyn.

Design trend I'm most excited about:

Sustainable vegan leather and materials. Traditional vegan leather is polyurethane (which is essentially plastic) and does not decompose in the Earth — and is dyed with harmful chemicals. I’m currently working with vegetable tanned leather which is a byproduct of the food industry but is not tanned with nasty chemicals (which leach into our water and skin). I’m currently sampling pieces of mushroom and pineapple leather and recycled denims. I’m really excited to watch the sustainable textile industry expand and continue to innovate.

Design trend I'm most excited to see go:

Hopefully fast fashion. Disposable clothing. Plastic anything.

Most essential accessory:

Being grounded in oneself.

How did you choose the three stones used in your collection?

When speaking about crystals I talk a lot about the range of frequencies that the mineral kingdom holds, similar to a light spectrum or musical tones. Besides aesthetically and tonally flowing together, these three stones have different qualities — a lower tone, medium tone and high tone. They relate to different vibrations and customers are drawn to different stones at different times. Essentially, there is one for everyone with these initial three stones. But many people buy all three because they are so vibrationally different.

Black Onyx: lower tone — it is the most grounding of the stones. It correlates to the root chakra at the base of the spine, and it is a protective stone.

Rose Quartz: middle tone — it correlates to the heart chakra, the meeting point for the lower energy centers and higher energy centers in the body. It is balancing and harmonizing, creating a feeling of oneness and love.

Clear Quartz: high tone and high vibratory stone — correlates to crown chakra and is great for meditation and manifestation. It is the master healer stone that activates all other stones.

Look that will never go out of style:

Cashmere sweater, vintage jeans and gold hoop earrings.

Favorite sustainable brands, designers and resources:

Monique Pean, Maria Stanley, Sophie Monet Jewelry, Awave Awake, Re-Done, Veja, Edun, Reformation

I’m super inspired by my friend Lauren Singer. Her Brooklyn boutique (Package Free Shop) and website (Trash is For Tosser’s) highlights zero-waste living, even in a city. She has incredible and easy tips on reducing waste and carbon footprint.

Current mantra:

All is unfolding at the perfect time.

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