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Succulents And Seaweed: 9 Beauty Ingredients To Change Your Skin
May lindstrom the honey mud: Honey

This ultra-luxurious stuff looks like a mask, but can actually be used as a cleanser! May Lindstrom always blows us away with her gorgeous skincare products and this new member of the collection is no exception. Raw honey, white clay, nut oils and witch hazel are blended with essential oils like myrrh, frankincense and ylang ylang. Cleansing, restorative and a total treat.



Succulents And Seaweed: 9 Beauty Ingredients To Change Your Skin

There’s just a little more romance in using products that contain beauty ingredients straight from the sea, forest, and earth. We’re lucky to have laboratory-made ingredients available these days, but we love the idea of fresh flowers, herbs and fruits in our skincare too! Here are nine products with highly-effective beauty ingredients straight from the earth. Find your fave, from silver to blue-green algae…

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  1. Thanks for the Pacific Face Oil love! You mentioned one of our favorite ingredients, astaxanthin, from Hawaiian red pond algea. After reading about the anti-oxidant power of astaxanthin, I not only apply it topically with the Pacific Face Oil, I also take an astaxanthin supplement every day. Cheers to The Chalkboard for your great work. Hillary

    Hillary Peterson | 10.13.2014 | Reply

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