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The topic of lymphatic health is finally getting the spotlight in the wellness world thanks to pros like Lauren Roxburgh and Lisa Gainsley, who have been treating lucky Angelenos for years.

One iteration of lymphatic treatment we’re seeing at spas often these days is the Ballancer Pro. It looks like a space suit, feels like a full-body massage, and produces results just short of miraculous for those who need it. These days, that’d be all of us, after a year of relative stagnation and lack of movement.

Celebrity esthetician and author of Glow From Within, Joanna Vargas, is probably best known for prepping Hollywood’s elite on both coasts — but especially during award season from her ultra-posh Sunset Tower spa. We asked Vargas to break down the tech behind the odd, and often under-rated, treatment that can be found at more and more spas world-wide…

Celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas on the Ballancer Pro

Can you describe the Ballancer Pro for those who are totally unfamiliar? 

The Ballancer Pro Treatment is an FDA-approved, touchless, full-body lymphatic drainage massage that promotes cell and tissue regeneration, reduces water weight and has incredible slimming and contouring effects. It’s a very relaxing, gentle pressure that moves from the toes up the legs, to the mid-section. It pulses by zone, and the feeling is a rhythmic, upwards pulsation.

For those who don’t know, can you talk about the important role the lymphatic system plays in our skin — and overall — health?

Your lymphatic system brings important nutrients and carries away waste from every cell in the body. It also boost immunity. A sluggish lymphatic system can create more acne, breakouts, even dull, dry skin. It will also make you puffy. We need it to perform well in order to have great skin.

Lymphatic drainage is the movement of the lymph through the body via massage or stimulation. There are many other ways to stimulate lymphatic drainage (dry brushing, green juices, manual massages) but the Ballancer Pro is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to stimulate all over lymphatic drainage.

What are the most common benefits you hear about from clients who have experienced Ballancer Pro?

A reduction of puffiness, an energized feeling throughout the body, the loss of inches in problem areas, a reduction of the appearance of cellulite.

Lymphatic health treatments are definitely trending. Why do you think people are finally catching on?

They work on everyone and really make you feel and look better!

How many sessions do you normally recommend for results?

You can see and feel some results in just one. Many people do them once a week for three weeks, but we also recommend a monthly session just to stay healthier overall. ​If one does the Ballancer Pro every day, it’s possible to lose the water weight of 2 dress sizes in just one week.

Any side effects people should be aware of?

None. But it is not a treatment for anyone with pre-existing medical conditions. I also don’t recommend drinking alcohol after the treatment, make sure you are hydrating before and after with tons of water.

Going to an office of any kind can be a lot for people right now. “Touchless” treatments like this one seem ideal?

I think that, moving forward, people will enjoy the quiet, touchless time with a Ballancer treatment even more. Self-care has never been more important than in the last year, so, yes, I do see that continuing for people in the future!

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