Vibes are real. We pick them up, we put them out, and when someone’s aura is off, we tend to know it intuitively. The energy that defines us might not be visible but it’s tangible, and occasionally needs a bit of sprucing up. The question is: how can we solve for something we can’t see? Professional crystal healer, Heather Askinosie of Energy Muse recommends using the power of healing crystals to clear up a cloudy mind or funky mood. Read on to all about aura cleansing with crystals for an end of summer vibe-revive…

Feeling overwhelmed with all your end-of-summer plans? Are you feeling tired, sluggish and just not yourself? There’s a quick fix for this: It’s time to cleanse your aura with crystals! Your aura is an invisible, electromagnetic energy field that surrounds your body. By keeping your aura clean and clear, it can help you feel less overwhelmed and more like your true self, so you are able to have more fun in the sun.

The good vibes of summer also come with more commitments and events — beach barbecues, bridal showers, birthday parties and backyard bashes. When you’re constantly bopping around from one celebration to the next, your energy field can become bogged down, muddied and feel as if it’s not your own. How will you know? It’s as if you feel heavy, energetically drained or your spirit growing dimmer; just not your normal self. It’s similar to walking into a room where an argument just occurred. You can feel a heaviness lingering in the space even afterwards. And then suddenly, you start to feel this same heaviness, even after you leave the space Even though you were not part of the argument, you still felt the heaviness of the energy. Many times throughout your day, this same invisible energy gets attached to your aura.

I remember many years ago, when someone told me I needed an aura cleansing, I chuckled to myself and thought, seriously? Now, today and everyday, I cleanse my aura. Why? Because it makes a huge difference in the way you feel. Your aura feels and picks up energy from the environment that it’s in — it’s something that is out of your control. The good news is, I have a few simple solutions in my crystal tool chest to help keep your aura “crystal clear” and protected all year long.

Cleansing and clearing your aura with crystals will only take a few minutes. After you have cleansed your aura, visualize your entire body surrounded in an egg-shaped bubble of white light and protection. You are now radiating with beams of light, similar to the summer sun. Shine bright!

3 Must-Have Crystals for a Glowing Aura


Selenite is your BFF when it comes to aura cleansing. Look at it as a bright beam of light clearing everything out of your energy field that is not serving your highest good. This is something you can do every day in less than one minute. All you need is what we call a selenite cleansing crystal.

Start by holding the selenite in one hand, parallel to the ground, at the top of your head. “Comb” the crystal all the way down your body. Repeat this all around your body, until your entire energy body feels clear. Visualize white light beaming from the crystal, filling your energy field with light.

TIP: It’s important to always cleanse your crystals before you work with them for the first time. Selenite loves to be cleansed outside for at least four hours, soaking up the sun. Afterwards, hold it in your hands and program it with an intention such as, “I program this crystal to cleanse my aura and fill my energy body with white healing light.”


Wear pyrite on your wrist as a powerful protective shield against negativity and unwanted energies. Due to its cubic structure and mirror-like exterior, it provides you with extra protection. Connecting with its energy keeps you grounded and connected to the earth, while simultaneously shielding or mirroring back any unwanted energy sent your way.

TIP: It’s important to set your intention before wearing pyrite. Hold it in your hands and state aloud, “I program this crystal to protect, shield and mirror back any unwanted energy to its original source, transmuting it into love and light.” After wearing it as an auric shield, make sure to cleanse it by placing it outside under the sun for at least four hours – or purify it with the smoke of burning sage.

black kyanite

To release heavy-duty energy that might be lingering in the aura, work with black kyanite. This crystal helps to “cut away” any energy that feels attached or stuck to your auric field. You will know you need to work with a stronger mineral if the same thought, person or place keeps coming into your mind. Cutting the energetic cord to this energy allows you to send it back to its original source with love and light, so you can feel like yourself again instead of having several other energies linked to you.

Similar to using the selenite, hold the black kyanite in one of your hands and, with a fanning motion, gently “brush” around your body to remove any heavy energy that is stuck in your aura.

TIP: Set your intention before working with your crystal, such as, “I program this crystal to uncord or cut away any unwanted energy and send it back to its source, transmuting it into love and light.” After you use your black kyanite, cleanse it with the smoke of burning sage.

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