These 4 Fitness Trends Will Rule In 2018

Getting Fit is a mission for total mind-body optimization — and the year’s fastest growing fitness trends prove that people are pushing themselves to take a more holistic approach. According to Classpass’ annual report, more and more of us are turning to techniques that tone our emotional states as well as our muscular ones…

home streaming: Lining up perfectly with our hygge obsession, working out in the comfort of our own homes – rather than hitting up a studio – is becoming an easier, more fun and more common practice. Celebrity trainers from Tracy Anderson to Lauren Kleban now offer streaming version of their signature workouts. The Peleton bike, which allows riders to join live classes via a screen on their at-home stationary bike, is a dream come true for cycling devotees who don’t want to waste time getting themselves in and out of a studio daily.

mindfulness: Classpass reported that breath work, meditation and other mindfulness practices account for the fastest growing trend in fitness this past year — we needed it. This includes next level yoga like yoga nidra and kundalini, as well as other formerly-considered ‘woo-woo’ activities like sound baths, which address mental, emotional and spiritual ‘fitness’ in addition to physical conditioning.

stretching + recovery: We’d guess this is directly connected to the rise in mindfulness and our collective need to chill. Recovery has become as much of a priority on a fitness journey as the part of our workout where we blast our muscles and break a sweat. We’ve become obsessed with foam rolling and fascia release to help hard worked muscles heal and stay happy, and we’ve even started seeing studios dedicated to stretching exclusively!

trend-proof workouts: There’s a time and a place for weird hybrid classes like underwater cycling and acroyoga — 2018 is not that time or place. According to Classpass, strength training is one of the most popular workout styles across the country. Circuit classes that utilize body weight and back-to-the-basics gym tools (treadmills, dumbbells, bosu balls etc.) give us an intense-full body burn, major toning and increased strength that are immune to trend fatigue aka a habit anyone can start and sustain. We think studios like Barry’s Bootcamp and Orange Theory, programs like Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, and even hotspots like Soul Cycle’s new concept studio will continue to grow in popularity this year.

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