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Turns out the most functional fragrance for home is as old as time. Did you know that aromatherapy and medicinal scents were some of the first forms of medicines ever administered for health and healing? They also make incredible scents to diffuse throughout your home—especially in the fall as we near the holidays. Candles are nice, but diffusing oils can be safer and  functional for our mental health! Whether you’re looking to set a serene scene before the  holidays, purify your space during the height of flu season, or support everyone’s mood through the changing light hours, this form of aromatherapy can be a powerful wellness practice.

Beloved herbal brand Anima Mundi announced their partnership with legacy, small-batch producer Floracopeia this year and we’ve been in diffuse-all-day mode ever since. “The essential oil industry can be incredibly deceiving,” Adriana Ayles, herbalist and founder of Anima Mundi shared. “That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to me to continue Floracopeia’s tradition of small-batch distillations for conscious consumers.”

The Essential Oil Basics

01 Aromatherapy was one the first forms of medicine ever administered for healing. Floracopeia founder, David Crow is deeply educated in the literature of ancient aromatherapeutic and ancient traditions of medicinal scents.

02 They aren’t actually oils! The scientific term for essential oil is volatile organic compound – the component of a plant that is released quickly into the air. These plant extracts contain terpenes, which differ from fatty oils, and makes them transdermal.

03 Sustainability is key. Just like our food, shopping essential oils requires care. The industry can uplift the environment and support native farmers economically or exploit them. Sustainable sourcing supports those working to preserve and regenerate the species.

04 Quality is essential. Shop dark-colored glass containers. Pure essential oils are highly concentrated and can dissolve plastic bottles over time, tainting the oil.anima mundi essential oils review

The 5 Best Anima Mundi Essential Oils For Fall

Palo Santo | (bursera graveolens) citrus with resinous wood notes, fresh, musky

Our favorite in the Anima Mundi collection! Worshiped by indigenous cultures worldwide for its purifying and healing powers, this essential oil is also a treasured ingredient in many modern perfumes. Wild harvested in Ecuador, this oil’s warm, herbaceous and heady scent has a calming and grounding effect. An incredible option for a more balanced and uplifted mood throughout the afternoon and into evening. Great for entertaining and work days.

Sandalwood | (santalum spicatum) deep, musky, earthy

With a deep, nutty and earthy aroma that you’ll recognize as soon as you catch the first inhale, this essential oil is renowned for its use within spiritual inspiration. We especially love this for our meditation sessions or home office.

Eucalyptus | (eucalyptus radiata) camphorous, minty, sharp, pungent, herbaceous, spicy, woody undertone

Considered one of the most therapeutically versatile of all oils, this organic essential oil is ideal for natural support for deep and clear breathing during flu season. The uplifting scent is also great for increasing energy and vitality.

Clary Sage | (salvia sclarea) fresh, floral, dry, weedy, sweet herbaceous, tea-like

Known as the “woman’s oil”, this precious essential oil soothes stressed nerves and emotions. Sustainably cultivated in Bulgaria, this gentle and effective oil will become a staple in your wellness collection. Diffuse it on mornings when you need a little stress support.

Cypress | (cupressus torulosa) woody, wet earth, forest floor, peppery, stimulating, piney

Have a hard time sleeping? Diffuse cypress oil in the evenings as you wind down! This unique species, wild harvested in Bhutan, is incredibly versatile, promoting hormonal balance and calm, deep sleep, clearing the air and toning the skin.

Looking for something more floral or citrusy? There are plenty of options to choose from in Anima Mundi’s Aromatic Treasures collection.

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