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They Say Our space mirrors our spirit: While breezy, carefree disarray might have been our vibe during the summer, fall calls for a cozify energetic reboot. We’re sharing eight simple feng shui tips from master Dana Claudat, who recently rolled through our office with her magic touch. Trust us when we say this woman knows how to turn up the volume on creativity and zen! 

Study up on these simple feng shui tips for a jump start into a fall season full of clean, clear, magnetic energy — and plenty of rainbow throws, of course.

Feng shui has taught for thousands of years that your environment both reflects and affects your energy, your self-esteem, your priorities and your abundance on every level. When you use even the simplest of feng shui to deliberately change your environment, your space becomes a vision board of your life. But it’s even more powerful than a vision board on a piece of paper because you’ll actually live within all those dreams and wishes every day.

8 feng shui tips to optimize your mood + space

The more you are willing to connect to your space, the more amazing — and surprising — the benefits will be: more money, love, wellness, peace, creativity, focus, friendships and confidence. I’ve seen so many people expand or turn their lives around completely, all starting with the decision to add more intention and love into every day.

Below are feng shui tips to design more of your dreams into your space this season. Feel free to customize and improvise as you go; what feels right is always what’s right for you!

Make your aim high enough and exciting enough that you feel thrilled when you think about it. For example: “A de-cluttered and clean house” isn’t quite as thrilling as “my dream art studio is set up in my sparkling new minimalist space.” Lots of people quit in the middle of positive life changes because the “realistic” goal is not inspiring enough, so be very bold!

Clearing clutter is always a first step, but you’ll want to go beyond obvious clutter. If your dream space has a music studio, a meditation area, a big desk or anything else, you need to make room for it. Be willing to let go of extra furniture, extra accessories or anything else that is standing in the way. My very first client ten years ago subtracted nearly half the stuff from her home to create more focus and, almost instantly, her life and career opened up in ways she never dreamed possible. This is a big step!Decorate A Small Space tips

Corners in feng shui collect a lot of energy and have a lot of symbolic power (every corner has an impact upon your abundance in some symbolic way). Make sure none of your corners are stagnant feeling, super dark, dusty or anything less than fresh. As a quick fix to get the energy moving, clap your hands in the corners of every room. Now, get to cleaning and clearing and brightening them up!

Open your windows and use herbs to clear your home of stress or other heavy vibes that linger. Sage is a classic. If you like to smudge sage, keep it up and do it even more often. Rosemary is a super sweeper of negative energy and it’s easy to “smudge” like sage. Gather up a handful of fresh rosemary and tie it with kitchen twine or natural yarn into a “smudge stick.” Let it dry for a week or so before burning it.

You can also add some herbal tea bags to your baths – mint is thought to be prosperous, chamomile is relaxing, and my favorite, dried rose bud tea, is a restorative love potion.

High energy is magnetic! You don’t need a red door to have great feng shui, but you do need a front door that feels and looks like you. A group of lush plants beside the door can be a gorgeous greeting. Herb or succulent wreaths can be ultra-abundant. Sweeping your steps or walkways regularly is amazing for shining energy. Be creative and light up your entranceway to welcome in the new!

Add multi-colors anywhere you need a lift. Scarves, tapestries, pillows, rugs… this is easy and always stunning. Pastel colored rainbow spectrums are mentally focusing. Deeper colored rainbow spectrums have a more emotional impact.

Whether you walk barefoot on the grass, do some meditation in the sunshine or hike around trees, the more connected you are to the earth, the better all of life will flow. Adding more nature to your space can keep you more grounded. Crystals, stones, trees and handmade pottery are super grounding. When in doubt as to what a room needs, add a few plants!

What you focus on is what will grow, so spend a day tracking where and how you spend your time. It can be eye opening to see where your energy actually goes! De-clutter your schedule to have more time to focus on what you love.

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