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This past spring, Popomomo made a dress that used straps for a back detail. We sent out some of the fabric to have the straps made and we had a bit left over. I keep most of my supplies because it’s good for making samples or trying out new ideas, but these were calling out for a little more than shelf space. If you don’t have extra strapping lying around, you could use bias tape for the first project and twill tape or ribbon in the second. In LA, I think you can sometimes find remnant strapping or bias tape in the fashion district.

I share my studio building with my husband, who’s a sculptor, so we have lots of different washers in his space that I grabbed for this project. But you can find great brass washers, colorful washers and a bunch of different sizes at better hardware stores.


  • Strapping or double fold bias tape
  • Beads or Marbles – We used simple wooden beads left over from another project, but you could use plastic or whatever you have lying around
  • Small Washers – We used washers that were both 1/2″ across and 3/4″ across
  • Scissors


1. Cut a piece of strapping (or bias tape), about 30″ long. 

2. Tie a knot in one end, leaving about 3 inches of strap hanging from the end of the knot.

3. Then, insert a bead (or marble) into the interior of the strap, push down to the knot.

4. Twisting the open, unknotted end of the strap, slip a washer over the strapping, push down to the knot.  Repeat.

5. Keep going! You can do a couple as a detail or do enough to go around the entire necklace. We did 14 beads/washers so that a longer necklace would be half strap/half beaded. 

There’s also some variations you can do here: you could alternative knotting, washers and beads on the inside and outside. Or, you could use larger washers, these are 3/4″ across. Just make sure the interior opening is smaller than the width of the bead you are using. 

Below, my awesome assistant Paley sports the one we made. You can tie the ends and leave a bit hanging like we did, or tie it tightly so you can only see the beaded part for a shorter necklace. It’s fun in the cream color because it’s like a play on a classic pearl necklace.


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