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Holy kale, is this for real? Every once in a while, a new crazy wellness trend will stop us in our smoothie-blending tracks and have us wondering whyyyyyy.

In honor of April Fool’s Day, here are our top eight reasons why wellness newbies might think we’re nuts. Share this with a friend who needs a good laugh — either with us or at us.

Vagina Saunas | More politely known as the “v steam,” this traditional herb-powered Korean health and beauty treatment might sound mildly invasive and generally unnecessary, but word on the street is it works wonders for fixing hormone-related issues, from acne to infertility and everything in between. LEARN MORE

Placenta Smoothies | Once could say consuming placenta right after childbirth ranks closer to “traditional” than “trend,” but honestly, this cringey concept could be mistaken for a joke either way. One doula we love blends it into a smoothie to help promote healing, lactation and energetic balance in new mamas. Remarkable or revolting? You decide. LEARN MORE

The $300 Latte | We’re all about amped-up wellness beverages, but the thought of spending $20 a sip just seemed absurd — until we looked at the ingredients. This beautifying tonic (which uses a little bit of everything in our pantry) calls for an investment at first, but break it down day by day and each intensely-nourishing cup costs about the same as a chain-brand coffee. LEARN MORE

crazy wellness trends aqua cycling

Underwater Cycling Class | It’s hard enough to breathe when we’re all-out cardioing on land; why would we ever try to cycle submerged in a pool? Because peddling against the resistance of water means joint-friendly toning to the max, lymphatic drainage, improved circulation and crazy calorie torching. So yeah, we’re in. LEARN MORE

Crystals For Cellphones | As if we needed another place/reason to hoard healing crystals. When we first heard of sticking shungite on our phones, it just seemed silly. Turns out, these midnight black stones act as shields between our faces and dangerous electromagnetic frequencies. LEARN MORE

Shooting Up Vitamins | This looks sketchy… but is shockingly awesome. When jet lag hits hard or a massive migraine threatens to ruin the week, this is a fast and effective way to wash our insides with natural, nourishing vitamins that solve it in a snap. Not down for a full bag of intravenous goodness? Single vitamin shots work well too for boosting immunity, energy and overall wellbeing. LEARN MORE

Beef Smoothies | We’ll put almost about anything in a blender (see: “placenta smoothies” above) but beef? Let’s keep that one whole and on a plate. Of course beef gelatin isn’t the meaty mess we first imagined; it doesn’t even have flavor! What it does have is the ability to improve our joint functionality and boost our skin’s elasticity and glow. LEARN MORE

Face Yoga | So like, is there a crow feet pose to smooth those little lines by our eyes? Not exactly — but not too far off either. This ancient Ayurvedic beauty technique gets our facial muscles moving in (surprisingly reasonable) ways to tone, detoxify and smooth out our skin naturally. LEARN MORE

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