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Get proactive about cancer prevention. We know, we know – it seems so out-of-sync with everything else you’re doing, feeling and thinking today. But take a moment to check this out: we’re all about the mission and message of the Bright Pink org and founder Lindsay Avner. When Lindsay was 23 years old she became the youngest patient in the country to bravely opt for a risk-reducing double mastectomy with reconstruction. Ever since then she’s been on a mission to make women everywhere aware of just how crucial a preventative lifestyle and a few early detection habits can be.

Take a minute today to consider Bright Pink’s top early detection signs for breast cancer. When caught early, the survival rate for breast and ovarian cancers soars over 90%. This is worth fifteen minutes of your time!

Additionally, mull over Lindsay’s suggestions below for preventative behaviors and better habits. Bright Pink also suggests keeping your diet high in vitamins D, A and E, fiber, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Grab a green juice, knock it back and spend a little time looking through these tips and Bright Pink’s helpful guides…

6 Ways to live a longer, healthier life

Cut back on the cocktails:

I like to encourage people to swap alcoholic drinks for healthier alternatives. Personally, I love a good green tea! Research shows a 10% increase in breast cancer risk for every 10 grams of alcohol—that’s one standard drink—consumed on average each day. Try to limit alcohol to one drink per day or eliminate it entirely.

Regular exercise:

On top of being an incredible stress reliever, 30 minutes of exercise on most days might reduce breast cancer risk by as much as 10-20%. I love starting my day with a spin class before work or ending it with a yoga practice to wind down. Working in the health space, it’s so important for me to inspire my team to live healthfully too. On top of bringing in local instructors to lead us through team workouts, we have a treadmill desk at the office to keep us moving even when we’re hard at work. I like to make sure we really practice what we preach!

Eat well, live well:

The food you put in your body has a direct link to your health. I generally avoid red meat – it has been shown to increase breast cancer risk – and make an effort to fill up on fruits and vegetables as much as possible. There are always going to be splurge days – we have some incredible bakers in the office and I love a good sweet treat – but it’s all about moderation. A great tip I always tell people is to keep fresh fruit at the office. That way, you’re never too far from an easy, healthy snack.

Stop Smoking:

The rationale for this one is simple but the implications are huge! There’s a known link between tobacco and so many cancers (not just lung or other oral cancers). If you do smoke, commit to quitting today. It’s worth it, I promise.

Know your body, know your normal:

My number one rule for living healthfully is: Know your body and what’s normal for you. You know your body better than anyone and, by becoming familiar with your normal, you’ll be equipped to notice any concerning changes, should they arise.

Sign up for breast health reminders:

Life’s busy and it’s far too easy to put your health on the back burner – trust me, I get it. That’s why we created Breast Health Reminders, monthly text message reminders to be breast self-aware. Text ‘PINK’ to 59227 to sign up* and Bright Pink will ping you when it’s time to mind your melons and become familiar with your breasts’ size, shape, texture and color. Remember, no one has a greater responsibility to care for your body than you.

*1 messsage a month. Message and data rates may apply. Text STOP to cancel. Click here for terms & conditions and privacy policy.

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