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Raise your hand if you’re ready for spring! The cold front that’s hit the country this season is more “deep freeze” than “winter wonderland”  – and our normal workouts are taking a major hit. If you’re anything like us, the plunging thermostat has been enticing you to go into hibernation until the sunshine arrives. Lifestyle blogger Lauren Gores Ireland of Lauren’s Lyst feels your pain – and threw together this high-intensity winter workout that doesn’t even require you to leave your living room. Grab a towel, your favorite fitnesswear, and get ready to turn up the heat…

Ever feel like life slows down in the dead of winter? Our bodies slip into dormant mode, making an otherwise-normal routine feel exhausting.

Let’s curb those winter blues together. I teamed up with my trainer Mike Alexander for an at-home cardio workout you can do to to turn up the heat. There’s no equipment necessary – no weights, no bands, no scary-looking machines. This series of plyometric exercises will give your body a well-deserved wake-up call, while building power and endurance ahead of springtime. You’ll feel your heart pumping, your legs burning, and your mind awakening.

Rest 30 seconds between each exercise; repeat the workout 3 times

Lunge Jump

Begin in a lunge position. Using the power of your front leg, jump straight up and switch feet mid-air. You should land in the opposite lunge position from which you started. Reps: 10 on each leg.

Jump Squats

Lower yourself into a squatting position. Jump straight into the air, fully extending your arms and legs. Land on the balls of your feet, while returning to your starting squat position. Reps: 20

Lateral Single Leg Jumps

Begin with your knees slightly bent, placing nearly all of your weight on your right leg while using your left leg for balance. Pushing off your right leg, jump directly to your left landing on the left leg. Now, bearing your weight on your left leg repeat the same lateral jump to the right. Reps: 10 on each leg

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