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    Turmeric lattes. Avocado toast. Acai bowls. We can almost tell you what we were wearing when each of these wellness foods hit peak popularity.

    Like their fashion counterparts, wellness trends have become inextricably linked to the year (or month) they peak. (Were you or were you not wearing low slung skinny jeans when you had your first acai bowl?)

    We’ve been thrilled to the core to watch as certain wellness rituals or foods have risen to “It Bag” status over the years, that said, wellness is not fashion. And it’s reasonable to consider whether your diet should change as rapidly as your wardrobe choices this year.

    Sometimes it takes a strong trend to break a superfood into the mainstream and, as you may have picked up on, we’re all about that! But there are also wellness rituals whose popularity comes and goes, but we’ll never quit.

    Consider the six rituals we’ve selected below at the “little black dresses” of wellness. No matter the season, they should always find a place in your regular rotation…Lemon water in the morning. Every damn day. Remineralize. Rehydrate. Realkalize. If there’s one wellness ritual you start daily, this one should be it. Lemon water will wake and flush your system, cleanse and rehydrate your body after a night’s sleep and start your day on a healthy note. LEARN MORE

    Green juice. Is there any more powerful food than sun-fueled, chlorophyll-rich greens? Whether you juice at home, swipe up bottles from your local juice spot or have a supply delivered regularly, green juice is one of the most powerful foods you can drink daily. Despite it’s intense trend status, green juice has been a wellness staple for decades and hard-core health nerds will have their juicers whirring for years to come. LEARN MORE

    Sweat every week. Sauna. Infrared bed. Intervals. Hot Yoga. Whatever! Just get that heart pumping and that skin sweating. The skin is your body’s largest organ and nothing detoxifies and gets us glowing faster than a good sweat. LEARN MORE 

    deep Hydration. Whether you ascribe to the 8 glasses a day rule or not, start your day with hydration and find ways to hydrate through out the day. Remember herbal teas, water infusions, hydrating foods, and broths can all be hydrating as well. If you have a hard time remembering to drink enough water, find a gorgeous water bottle you love and start toting it everywhere.  LEARN MORE

    Let it go. Regularly take stock of self, life and relationships. Process what needs processing, then let that sh*t go. Forgiveness is healing. And a lack of it has been shown to relate to disease. We recommend journalling, meditation, nature walks and fostering meaningful friendships to keep those emotions healthy and strong. LEARN MORE

    Eat whole foods. Not from Whole Foods, necessarily. But eat a diverse, whole foods diet from an array of clean, wild or responsibly farmed sources. No matter your style of diet, if you’re sourcing those drinks, snacks and meals from non-chemical laden resources, you’ve got a head start on your health. LEARN MORE

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    1. Best post yet. 🙂

      ashley | 01.09.2018 | Reply
    2. Agree 100%.

      therese | 01.09.2018 | Reply
    3. Can’t wait for the day when we can all stop saying “fuck” in order to get peoples attention. Talk about a trend…

      Yvonne | 01.11.2018 | Reply
    4. So true!!

      susana | 01.13.2018 | Reply
    5. Yes to all of these, still, in 2020 and forever!

      Jess | 11.13.2020 | Reply

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