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Snacking is an art. The ultimate healthy snacks are all about nailing a perfect balance of nutrition and convenience. Too big and it’s a meal, too small and it’s not satisfying. We want it pretty and we want it satisfying — and frankly, we want it now.

We’re always excited to learn what wellness pros are producing for their own snack situation between meals or on-the-go. That’s why we ask every time we rifle through a kitchen for our In My Fridge series.

We’re sharing our all-time favorite answers to our all-time favorite question: what are your favorite healthy snacks? From top chefs to nutritionists to functional medicine doctors, get the ultimate healthy snack-spiration below…

What’s Your Go-To Healthy Snack?

Hannah CHENG | Salt and pepper pistachios, raw cashews, fresh dark berries, organic baby carrots and KIND peanut butter granola. READ MORE

Marian cheng | White cheddar popcorn (and really any snack with white cheddar), raw almonds, roasted pistachios, fresh fruit, baby carrots. READ MORE

Kelly Leveque | I always have Jilz’s Crackers made with almonds chia and flax. They have a super low glycemic index and contain minimal ingredients. I usually eat them with smashed avocado or nut butter and make little sandwiches.

I also love to snack on hard boiled egg or veggies and a pre-made dressing or a little sprouted hummus. Sometimes I make an avocado hummus — that’s the bomb. If avocados aren’t an arm and a leg, I’ll buy a bunch and make hummus with a little lemon so it doesn’t brown.

If I’m snacking on seeds, I use Go Raw mixes that are already sprouted. They have watermelon seeds, which I’m super into. They have ten grams of protein per ounce! Watermelon seed butter is a great plant-protein source for my vegan and vegetarian clients. I recommend whipping it into a pesto or salad dressing. READ MORE

rainbow veggiesKat Odell | Seaweed, rice crackers, corn crisps, raw almond butter, tahini, dried persimmons. READ MORE

ELISSA GOODMAN | I know everyone loves almond butter, but peanut butter reminds me of those yummy PB&J sandwiches that I lived on as a kid. I try to have the highest quality organic fresh-pressed peanut butter, all different flavors of hummus with gluten-free crackers and raw veggies, sprouted organic nuts and seeds and organic seaweed. READ MORE

SUMMER SANDERS | I love Elemental Food Crumbles, coconut yogurt with fresh fruit and granola from my cafe, apples and almond-butter caramel. READ MORE

ELLA MILLS | Cacao and almond energy balls — they’re my go-to snack. I eat a huge amount of hummus and smashed avocado on rye toast as snacks, too. READ MORE

ALISON WU | My walnut-cardamom bliss balls. READ MORE

Barrett Prendergast | Half an avocado with olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt and chili flakes. My gluten-free peanut butter energy balls. Fruit popsicles like Good Pops. READ MORE

PHOEBE LAPINE | I’m big into energy bites, the artist formally known as vegan truffles. There’s a bomb recipe for gingerbread cookie beauty balls in my book, The Wellness Project, that’s been on repeat in my kitchen. They keep for a few weeks in the fridge and, given the number of them I’ve eaten recently, I am confident saying you will never get sick of them. READ MORE

PAMELA SALZMANDates stuffed with nut butter and raw cacao nibs, rice cakes or toasted sprouted bread with avocado, apple with nut butter and flaky salt, jicama and guacamole, frozen sweet cherries. READ MORE

LAURA WRIGHT | I make this amazing popcorn with a cheesy-savory “magic dust” topping from my cookbook. But I also buy salty snacks frequently — it’s a serious vice that I refuse to go without. READ MORE

DANIELLE CHANG | For something sweet, dark chocolate and for something savory, seasoned seaweedREAD MORE

CAMILLE STYLES | I snack on sprouted almonds and pumpkin seeds every single day… and usually have at least a few dark chocolate chips after dinner — I always crave something sweet at the end of a meal! When those late afternoon munchies hit, my go-to’s are usually popcorn with sea salt or fresh clementines. READ MORE

JENNIE MIREMADI | Raw, sprouted almonds, pecans, walnuts and pumpkin seeds. Years ago, I tried sprouted nuts and seeds for the first time at the Hollywood farmer’s market and I was blown away by how good they were. Now if I’m having nuts or seeds as a snack, I always have the sprouted kind. READ MORE

HEIDI SWANSON | I like to take a little bag of toasted nuts and add a tablespoon of a strong spice blend (with a pinch of salt). By the time I get to them later in the day they’re all coated with flavor. Generally, I opt for things I can toss in my purse and take on the go. These dark chocolate energy bites are a favorite. READ MORE

MELISSA HEMSLEY | Dark chocolate, grapes or berries, an organic boiled egg with great sea salt on top (and if it’s still bit yolky and warm, the best). READ MORE

DANA JAMES | Fresh fruit! I’m not much of a muncher, but my boyfriend loves chopped fruit, so I find myself eating melon, watermelon and pineapple with him on the sofa as a way to wind down from the day. READ MORE

CANDACE NELSONMary’s everything gluten-free crackers and Late July tortilla chips. READ MORE

LAUREL GALLUCCI | I’m into accessible veggies: half an avocado, cut up celery, cucumber, carrots and cooked sweet potatoes. I am not a big snacker, but I am a big vegetable eater. READ MORE

DAVE ASPREY | Dark chocolate, coconut anything (without sugar), Bulletproof Collagen Bars (especially for travel), raw nuts, blueberries.  READ MORE

DONNA GATES | Potato chips by Good Health or Boulder Canyon Authentic Foods. Make sure your potato chips are made with a body-ecology friendly oil (coconut, avocado or olive).  READ MORE

TAYLOR STERLING | Apples, almonds, walnuts, coconut yogurt, and sour cream and onion lentil chips. READ MORE

CHLOE COSCARELLI | Kumquats, homemade crunchy chickpeas, Pipcorn, Justin’s Almond Butter “to-go” pouches. READ MORE

ALISON ROMAN | Hard salty cheese like gouda and a box of Mary’s Gone CrackersREAD MORE

DR. Mark HYMAN | Everyone who knows me knows that I’m nuts for nuts and seeds. I like to create my own simple trail mix at home. You can add coconut shreds, cacao nibs, whatever you want! I also like dark chocolate, avocados, canned wild fatty fish and almond butter or coconut butter.  READ MORE

JULIA SHERMAN | Avocado with tamari, olive oil and furikake (Japanese sesame seasoning). READ MORE

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